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How Buyer’s Agents Target High Growth Property

A skilled buyers agent knows only 5% of the properties available in the Melbourne marketplace present effective investment opportunities. Wise can help you select the right property you can reduce risk, attract premium tenants, maximise capital growth and pay a fair market value for the property.

Our buyers advocates offer advice about other matters, such as the desired rent, whether the property will attract tenants, and any capital expenses or repairs that will need to carried out in order to attract tenants at the desired rent.

We can help you purchase any type of property. It could be a Self-Managed Superfund investment, a positive or negatively geared property or a renovation with subdivision / dual occupancy potential.

Experience That Saves You Time & Money

Our Buyer’s Agents / Buyers Advocates all have multi-investment property portfolios. They are experienced Melbourne based Real Estate Agents that are qualified by the Real Estate Institute of Victoria and monitored by the Business Licence Authority.

Giving Investors An Edge

An experienced buyers agent understand’s Melbourne  real estate market conditions and won’t just work from your requirements, but will consider best practice how to optimise your shortlist based on their experience.

This will save you time, money and stress in the long run – reducing your chances of making an ill-informed investment decision.

Our Step By Step Process

  • Assess buyer’s portfolio requirements.
  • Target a property with maximum capital growth and provide the buyer with detailed reporting on the selected property and its suburb.
  • Obtain both the market value and the rental returns of the property.
  • Negotiate a fair market value with the seller.
  • Recommend building inspectors, advise competent legal representation and attend the final inspection.
  • Choosing a local real estate agent to manage your investment property.

Whether you need some help or just have a burning question, we’re here to listen and offer advice.


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