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The Right Price: Buyer Advocates Share Their Tips for Saving on Your Property Purchase

Many people only buy a few houses in their lives, but these purchases are massive investments. With so much competition in the markets around capital cities at the moment, it is hard for the average person to know how and where they can save money and still purchase the right property for them. With the help of the senior buyer’s advocates at Wise Realestate Advice, we have compiled a list of suggestions to achieve property success with the lowest possible price.

The Right Price- Buyer Advocates Share Their Tips for Saving on Your Property Purchase

Put on your poker face

Giving away your true interest and excitement in a property is an easy way for real estate agents to play into to your emotions. They will be much more cautious in negotiations if they do not know how much interest you truly have in a property.


Dirt before brick

It is easy to let your emotions take over when you find a property with the perfect kitchen or glorious back yard deck, however the cosmetics of a property should never be paramount in your decision. Location and land size will set you up better in the future: designs can be changed; land cannot!


Money, money, money

The old saying that money talks is probably the most relevant statement for property. At the end of the day each vendor is out to make the money that every purchaser wants to save. Having your finances in order will allow you to jump on a good deal- hopefully before your competition.

The Right Price- Buyer Advocates Share Their Tips for Saving on Your Property Purchase 2

Professional support is essential

Unless you plan to knock it down, having a team of people to do a building and pest inspection is vital to avoid buying a property that may cost you more in the long run. A lawyer should review your contract of sale to make sure there aren’t any hidden costs or legal issues associated with your purchase.

Stick to your budget at auctions

Auctions bring out every bidders emotions and it is easy to get carried away. When the bidding slows near the top end of your budget it is easy to think in the smaller numbers of ‘it’s only $1,000 more’, or ‘we can afford an extra $5,000’. Always remember though, that you determined that specific budget before the auction for a reason and you should not lose sight of what that is.

To have the professionals on your side to help you buy a property for the lowest possible price, give the team at Wise Realestate Advice a call on 1300 009 473 to discuss how their services may help you.

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    Ken Stewart
    Ken Stewart

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 2 months ago

    Mark was personally recommended to me as someone who could be of real help in appraising my property of interest and subsequently representing me at auction.
    He made time to meet for an initial chat over coffee. I was immediately impressed and relaxed with his easy and honest nature, as well as his willingness to listen to my needs.
    A genuinely nice bloke... well experienced in the RE scene, totally committed to helping his clients.... all in all, a very worthwhile experience.

    Ainsley O'Sullivan
    Ainsley O'Sullivan

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 2 months ago

    Richard and I worked with Mark over a few weeks to secure an amazing property in Brunswick West in a very competitive market. Without Marks' expertise in Real Estate of the area, we would have struggled to buy in such a short time frame. Mark was also excellent at communicating with us. We spoke many times a day to get the deal done. Money well spent when our time was limited. Thanks again to you Mark.

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