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Property Negotiators

Property Negotiators

‘Don’t out-bid the competition. Out-smart them.’


Once you have identified your ideal home or investment property, one of our buyer’s agents will step in and negotiate with the agent or owner on your behalf, saving you time, money and heart ache.

At Wise Real Estate Advice We offer professional negotiation, auction bidding and consultation services. We will professionally negotiate for you via a private sale, auction, after auction or tender bidding negotiating processes. Not only will we bid and negotiate to help secure the best price for you, we can also help you to negotiate favourable terms to suit your own personal needs.


What Do We Charge?

Our fees are simple, we charge a flat fee regardless of the property value or how long a negotiation process takes.

What Do We Do? 

Each of out property negotiators have been in your shoes, so we knowhow it feels. We offer a complementary meeting to determine your needs. Once we are hired we:

  • Issue you with a comprehensive property appraisal out lining market conditions and comparable property sales in the area.
  • Out line the structured negotiation strategy.
  • Negotiate or represent you at auction.
  • Support you all the way until the property is in your ownership.

The process of buying a property can quickly become complicated making it difficult to see the end goal. It’s also easy to get emotionally involved and make the wrong decision costing you money.

Our experienced agents priority is to look after you and your best interest, negotiating a successful out come. As we’re independent, we take the emotion out of any property negotiation, focussing on the best tangible outcomes and in particular, on saving you heart ache and money.

For more information on property negotiation service please call 1300 00 WISE.

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    Wise Real Estate Advice
    Reviewed from Google

    5 out of 5 stars

    Ken Stewart
    Ken Stewart

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 2 months ago

    Mark was personally recommended to me as someone who could be of real help in appraising my property of interest and subsequently representing me at auction.
    He made time to meet for an initial chat over coffee. I was immediately impressed and relaxed with his easy and honest nature, as well as his willingness to listen to my needs.
    A genuinely nice bloke... well experienced in the RE scene, totally committed to helping his clients.... all in all, a very worthwhile experience.

    Ainsley O'Sullivan
    Ainsley O'Sullivan

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 2 months ago

    Richard and I worked with Mark over a few weeks to secure an amazing property in Brunswick West in a very competitive market. Without Marks' expertise in Real Estate of the area, we would have struggled to buy in such a short time frame. Mark was also excellent at communicating with us. We spoke many times a day to get the deal done. Money well spent when our time was limited. Thanks again to you Mark.