Buyer’s Agent Services

What’s included in a buyer’s agent service? This question is asked a lot as different buyer’s agents provide a different level of service.

Wise Real Estate Advice are a fully serviced buyers agency, the goal of our service is to manage the whole process from start to finish while taking the risk and stress out of buying.

The whole process should only take 6 to 8 weeks.

Our Buyer’s Agent Services Explained

Property Search (conducted weekly until a property is purchased)

Establish the buyer’s search criteria:Buyers Agent Services

  1. What is your purchasing budget, minus overheads (stamp duty etc).
  2. Property requirements:
    1. Distance to the city, schools, train station, shopping centers etc.
    2. Number of bedrooms, living areas, land size.
    3. Purpose of property, attracting tenants or family home.

The buyer’s agent creates a short list of ‘for sale’ properties that match your criteria from step 1. This includes off market listings, properties that are coming to market and on market listings.

At this point, the client would have to give feed back on properties of interest, creating a property inspection shortlist for the buyer’s agent.

The buyer’s agent will inspect all properties on the shortlist and give feed back to their client around property presentation, price estimates for potential renovations, conduct a market value and a rental appraisal. This process will produce a property for the client to inspect.

Repeating this process weekly will produce a pipeline of properties for potential purchase.

Once the client approves a property, the buyer’s agent will provide a written market value, this price is used as a walk away figure during property negotiation.
At any one time the buyer’s agent should have three properties in the pipeline.

Buying The Property

Due diligence: The buyer’s agent will conduct their own due diligence on the property. They can also arrange a building inspection if required.

Submitting an offer: This could be via private treaty (written offer) or auction. This stage is where all the negotiating is done.

If successful at purchasing, the buyer’s agent will complete contracts of sale and finalise the property purchase. This is where the deposit is paid to the agent.

Property Settlement and Property hand over.

The buyer’s agent can organize a final inspection on the property two weeks before settlement or property handover.

Our buyer’s agents are your property advisors even after settlement, enquiries are always welcome.

Other topics around our buyer’s agents service:

At Wise Real Estate Advice, we ensure all boxes are ticked and that sincere care is taken when providing a buyer with the wise advice and action required throughout the buying process. To speak to one of our friendly buyer’s agents click here to fill out an enquiry form or just simply call us on 1300 00 WISE. 

Buyer’s Agent Responsibilities


What’s the best suburb for my budget? What type of property suits me?

Based on your budget and criteria, we match up and recommend Melbourne’s best real estate. You’re leveraging from our experience, choosing only the very best real estate on or off the market.


What do you look for during an open for inspection?

Our first homebuyer’s agents have inspected thousands of properties over their career. Our trained eyes sift through the problem properties that can minimise your long-term capital growth.


What is the market value of the property?

We provide a detailed report on what a comparable property’s have sold for and set a maximum, walk away beget for the property.

Negotiate & Purchase

How do I submit and offer or bid at auction? 

This is where a first homebuyers agent provides the most value. Though negotiation (auction or private treaty) we make sure you don’t over pay for the property. In most cases we save our clients tens of thousands of dollars.

Have Our Buyer’s Agents Call You.

For an obligation-free conversation, contact Wise Realestate Advice on 1300 009 473 to discuss how their buyer advocates can turn your property goals into a reality

    Summary Of Our Process

    1. Establish your requirements?Our qualified Buyer’s Agents determine where you are and what you want to achieve as this is fundamental to developing a strategy that’s right for you.
    1. Create a buying strategy.Now that we understand where you are and what you want to achieve our buyer’s advocate’s help you formulate a realistic strategy to help you achieve your goals eg:
      1. ‘Yield Based Strategies’ where the majority of your investment is in the actual ‘bricks and mortar’ that offer stronger rental, bigger depreciation, low maintenance and low capital growth.
      2. ‘Capital Growth Strategies’ in more sought after areas where the majority of the cost of the property is the land value and where the opportunity for capital growth is greater.
    1. Property search
      Based on your requirements we applying an extensive suburb search and targeting the best available properties. Very quickly, we refine our search down from a total pool of thousands to just a handful of outstanding properties based on our tough selection criteria. We take a look at a ‘short list’ of properties on your behalf, and prioritise the best opportunities. Your wise buyer’s agent will inspect on your behalf, saving you time and money and we guide you through the selection process.
    2. Due DiligenceThis is where our ‘wise’ real estate experience really comes in. If you want to move forward with the purchase, we’ll evaluate and assess the house in greater detail for your complete peace of mind. We search for any ‘potential problems’ or additional expenses, factoring them in to the overall cost.
    3. Accurate Pricing / Mark Value Your wise buyer’s agent will take a look at comparable sales data to help us assess the property’s true worth. We will help you understand the difference between the asking price and its true market value. By obtaining up to date information about the house in question, we can make sure that you don’t pay too much.
    4. Acquisition StrategyOnce we’re sure that the potential property ticks all the boxes for your investment strategy, the price is attractive enough and suits your budget, we will then negotiate with the agent for you. We’ll utilise all of our legal tricks of the trade, ensuring you get your investment property for the best possible price. We’ll also include a number of conditions in your Contract of Sale which are designed to work in your favour rather than the seller’s.
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