Discovering the Wonders of the Inner City: Fitzroy

Electrifying inner suburbs near Melbourne CBD continue to amaze. One of these wonders is Fitzroy. Wise Real Estate Advice, shows us the advantages of buying a property that continues to show potential in the property market.


Attractions of Fitzroy


Fitzroy is a popular inner suburb that is located just 3km north-east of Melbourne’s CBD. It is well known across Australia for its music, street art and its culture of Bohemianism, which represents a unique style of living.


Fitzroy offers a number of different shops that will cater for your needs, such as shopfronts that present a combination of foods and drinks, art, music, bookshops, local designers and so much more. All these activities can be at your hand, by simply catching a tram from Melbourne CBD to Fitzroy or by immediate access from the Eastern Freeway.


The suburb provides four excellent education school, such as: Fitzroy high school, Fitzroy primary school, Fitzroy community school and Fitzroy North primary school.


Fitzroy Garden is a popular destination that attracts a wide demographics as it provides 26 hectares of grass, trees and ornamental lake which allows you to go for a run, kick the soccer ball with your family, or simply enjoy a romantic sunset with your partner. It can be found along Albert street, Lansdowne Street, Clarendon Street and Wellington Parade.


“The suburb Fitzroy, tends to house many individuals that have never been married or simply live on their own “says Senior Buyers Agent Mr Ribarsky. “which explains why a lot of the properties in the area only have one to two bedrooms”.


“Investing in Fitzroy continues to be in high demand as over the past 10 years, the median rental income has grown from $340 a week to $650 a week” says Mark Ribarsky.’


By Mark Ribarsky



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