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Changing Your Property Manager

5th Of November, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

Owning an investment property more trouble than it’s worth? The problem could lie with your property manager rather than the property.

4th Of October, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

Smart property investment lets you find the best investment suburbs fit for you. Our top buyers agents shared their top tips of where to buy.


Buy Property Below Market Value in Growth Suburbs‎

3rd Of September, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

A lot of investors are talking about buying property under market value, we look at tips buyer’s agent use to spot a great property deal.


Agents For Home Buyers

17th Of August, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

Buying a house can be stressful & time consuming. Let our agent’s for first home buyers in Victoria take the pressure off you in the search for your next home.


Is It A Good Time To Buy Property In Melbourne?

1st Of August, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

Prices are falling, so is now a good time to buy property? Real Estate commentator & buyer’s agent Mark answers the tough question.


Buyer’s Agent Vs Selling Agent

 20th Of June, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

Do you understand the difference between a buyers agent & a real estate agent? We look at they contribute to the real estate transaction.


Are Buyers Agents Worth The Money

26th Of May, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

Why pay so much money for a buyers agent when any one can buy a house. Wise Real Estate Advice looks at the pros and cons of using a buyer’s agent.

What Is A Independent Property Buyer? 

16th Of May, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

We offer our clients independent & impartial advice on buying real estate. We look at what an independent buyers agents means & why it’s important.

Do Real Estate Agents Lie?

19th Of April, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

Are agents allowed to lie about multiple offers or under quoting price? Our lead buyers agent shares his experiences with real estate agents.


Negotiating On Property Price

19th Of April, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

How to negotiate a property deal like a real estate agent. It’s time to look at the ins & outs of getting the best deal when buying a property.


Property Investment Advice

31st Of March, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

Wise advice to guide your 1st investment property is crucial step to gain equity to build your empire, get some tips from Melbroune’s experts.


Buying An Investment Property In Melbourne

15th Of March, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

Free advice on buying a successful investment property in Melbourne, our buyers advocates share the investors recipe for success. 


Subdividing Property In Melbourne

28th Of February, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

Free advice & tips on marking money using property subdivision. Build your portfolio by positive gearing property with Wise Real Estate Advice.

Vendor Advocate Qualification 

26th Of February, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

We’ve created an information guide to making sure your vendor advocate is qualified for the job of effectively buying you a great property.

Is Buying a Holiday Home A Good Investment?
23rd Of February, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

Are holiday homes a good or bad investment? Make the RIGHT financial decision with FREE advice from Wise Real Estate Advice buyers advocates.

Buying A House In Melbourne

21st Of February, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

Buying a house in Melbourne presents a number of challenges, Wise Real Estate Advice offers a few tips that will help you get into the market sooner.

Buyers Advocate Qualifications

19th Of February, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

We’ve created an information guide to making sure your buyers advocate is qualified for the job of effectively buying you a great property.

Top 8 Property Features Buyers Pay More For

14th Of February, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

The big questions is what do property buyers want? Melbourne’s leading buyers agents discusses the top 8 property features buyers pay more for.

Why School Zones Increase Property Values

12th Of February, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

We all know property values rise for real estate in good school zones. Our buyers agent looks at four reasons why school zones increase value.

The 6 Tips Of Attracting Tenants

6th Of February, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

Wise Real Estate Advice look at 6 tips on attracting great tenants that will look after your property & maximise your rent long term.

Gain A Buying Advantage Using A Buyers Agent

2nd Of February, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

Beat the real estate agent at the negotiating game. FREE advice on a property buyers secret weapon. Gain an advantage by using a buyers agent.

Commercial Buyers Agents Melbourne

31st Of January, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

Melbourne’s leading commercial buyers agents specialising in searching, assessing & negotiating the successful purchase of commercial property.

Buying a Property Through A Self Managed Super Fund

23rd Of January, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

Buy both residential and commercial property using your own super a SMSF. Wise Real Estate Advice explains the main rules and how to buy with a SMSF.

Searching For The Next Hotspot Growth Areas

18th Of January, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

Property investors are always active in their search for the next capital growth area that will bring them higher than normal returns.


6 Reason Why Property is a Safe Investment.

15th Of January, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

Are you afraid of investing in property? Our Head buyers agents looks at the top 6 reason why his customers find security in property.

Avoid Being Out-Bid and Staying Within Your Budget

4th Of January, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

Wise Real Estate Advice buyers advocates will talk through a few strategies that you can adopt as a potential buyer so that you are able to stay competitive without blowing your budget.



Wise Archive

2018: Melbourne’s Property Set to Shine

20th Of December 2017, Mark Ribarsky.

Will 2018 be the year of buyer or seller? With booming house prices over 2017, Wise Real Estate Advice looks at Melbourne property prices in 2018

Positive Gear Property by Subdividing

20th Of December 2017, Mark Ribarsky.

Looking at building a property portfolio without negative gearing? Top tips to make a profit by using a subdivision strategy to positive gear.

What Should You Know About Commercial Leasing

12th Of December 2017, Mark Ribarsky.

Commercially leased property is an agreement between the landlord and tenant about the rights and responsibilities of a commercial premise.

Top 5 White Lies Told by Real Estate Agents

6th Of December 2017, Mark Ribarsky.

There are a few selling agents that adopt techniques in order to get the buyer over the line. Our Buyers Agents look at the top 5 white lies.

Where will the Housing Market be in 2020?

6th Of December 2017, Mark Ribarsky.

The question everyones asking ‘Where will our property markets be in 2020?’ We look at each capital city consider a boom or bust in prices.

Property Passed In? Negotiating After Auction

30th Of November 2017, Mark Ribarsky.

It can be formidable to negotiate on a price of a property that has not sold at. Our buyers agents offer some wise advice on the process.


Reasons Why Real Estate Underquote Properties

28th Of November 2017, Mark Ribarsky.

Why real estate agents constantly underquote prices of properties? Our buyers agents reveal the top reasons as to why they underquote.

Stunning Victoria Terrace Continues to Amaze

22nd Of November 2017, Mark Ribarsky.

Our buyers agents shows us how Victoria Terrace houses are still continue to amaze us with their beauty. We also look at their pros & cons.

When Is It Time To Ditch Your Property?

20th Of November 2017, Mark Ribarsky

People often have the image that investing in property is always a reliable and a good option. However, not all properties will bring in the return that you desire. It is sometimes necessary to pull the plug on a property that looks like a bomb aftermath.


Top 5 Tips to Secure Top Property

17th of November 2017, By Mark Ribarsky.

So, what is the key to making a prior offer on a property? The following are a buyers agents 5 tips helping you stay competitive.

Help buying an apartment in Melbourne.


11th of November 2017, By Mark Ribarsky

Need help buying an apartment in Melbourne? Apartments are relatively cheap, low maintenance, located close to great amenities & infrastructure.


Don’t Blame Housing Shortage For High Property Prices.

13th of November 2017, By Mark Ribarsky

Wise Real Estate Advice examined construction of residential property over 3 years discovering that national supply was higher than usual.

Are You Able To Claim Buyer’s Agent Fees As A Tax Deduction?

6th of November 2017, By Mark Ribarsky

Wise Real Estate Advice looks at what investors can claim as a tax deduction against investment properties including buyers agents fees.


9th of November 2017, By Mark Ribarsky.

Melbourne’s median house price is well over $840,000. Our buyers advocates point out Melbourne’s top 10 cheapest suburbs.

Port Melbourne: Victoria’s Slum Dog Millionaire

17th of October 2017, By Mark Ribarsky.

Port Melbourne hasn’t always been as glamorous as we may think. Read how Port Melbourne has become an important gem in Melbourne’s crown.



25th of October 2017, By Mark Ribarsky.

Buying a property in the inner suburbs can be a difficult. WIse Real Estate Advice shares a customers expirecne with buying in Fitzroy.

Discovering the Wonders of the Inner City: Fitzroy

9th of October 2017, By Mark Ribarsky.

Wise Real Estate Advice shows us how Fitzroy is a hotspot of the inner suburbs of Melbourne and the advantages of living close to the city.


8th of October 2017, By Mark Ribarsky.

Thinking of purchasing an investment property in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne? Wise shares a customer review of how a buyers agent helped.

7 Tips To Successful Real Estate Purchases

28th of September 2017, By Mark Ribarsky.

Wise Real Estate Advice, Mark Ribarsky displays 7 useful tips that ensures that we stay competitive and gain an advantage in the market.

The Culture Of Melbourne

11th of September 2017, By Mark Ribarsky.

Wise Real Estate Advice shows us that wherever you look in Melbourne, there are many different and exiting cultures to experience.


29th of August 2017, By Mark Ribarsky.

Wise Real Estate Advice shows us how Yarraville is the new hotspot of the Western Suburbs and the advantages of living close to the city.

Bidding War At Broadmeadows

15th of August 2017, By Mark Ribarsky.

Wise Realestate Advice, Mark Ribarsky shows how first home buyers are able to break into the Broadmeadow market against experienced investors.

With property prices increasing by 2.4 per cent in Doncaster, Wise Real Estate Advice, can help you to become a successful developer in no time..

3 Reasons Why Investors Love Melbourne

1st of August 2017, By Mark Ribarsky.

Wise Real Estate Advice looks at reasons why property investors love putting money into the worlds most liveable city, Melbourne.

Highett Property Exceeds Expectations

28th of August 2017, By Mark Ribarsky.

With an increase in demand, coupled with a lack of properties in Highett, Wise Real Estate Advice are able to assist with matching your dreams to your reality

6 Hints To Identify Undervalued Suburbs

17th of July 2017, By Mark Ribarsky.

Wise Real Estate Advice senior buyers agent Mark look at capitalising on price surges: 6 hints to identify undervalued suburbs.

9 Ways To Increase Your Rental Income 

5th of July 2017, By Mark Ribarsky.

Of course when investing in property, you want to maximize your yield. But how exactly can you do that? At Wise Real Estate Advice, we look at 9 ways to increase your rental income.

Which Is More Profitable: Houses or Units

19th of June 2017, By Mark Ribarsky.

Which Is More Profitable? Houses or UnitsPutting your hard-earned cash in a house on a quarter acre block, or a low-maintenance apartment?

3 Ways To Mismanage Your Investment Strategy

2nd of June 2017, By Mark Ribarsky.

Not having a clear strategy on your investment? Property mismanagement can cause you stress & money problems. We look at 3 most common errors.


5 Common Errors Buyers Make In A Competitive Market16th of May 2017, By Mark Ribarsky.Thinking of getting into the Melbroune property market? Get some free Real Estate investing advice & strategies from expert buyers agents.

Successful Property Investments

20th of April 2017, By Mark Ribarsky.Learn from wise buyers agents as they share their successful stories on their journey in investing property in Melbroune.

Stand Out from the Crowd and Buy in A Hot Market

2nd of April 2017, By Mark Ribarsky.Buyer’s Advocate Mark Ribarsky from Wise Real Estate Advice shares his strategies for standing out from the crowd and buy in a hot market.

Property Managers & The Right Tenant Screening Process

17th of March 2017, By Mark Ribarsky.

Attention Renters, Buyers & Investors,  2017 is a new year with numerous opportunities for your property position. Check out some strategies.

Property Success For 2017

1st of March 2017, By Mark Ribarsky.

Attention Renters, Buyers & Investors,  2017 is a new year with numerous opportunities for your property position. Check out some strategies.

Choosing The Right Property Manager 

15th of February 2017, By Mark Ribarsky.

We look at how choosing the right property manager can play a critical role in the rental process & capital growth of an investment property

Savvey Property Buyers Save Money Using Buyer’s Agents 

30th of January 2017, By Mark Ribarsky.

Its getting harder to buy property in Melbourne with home values increasing daily, check out why savvey property investors use buyers agents

A Buyer Agent Secret Weapon: Loan Pre-Approval 

16th of January 2017, By Mark Ribarsky.

A good buyer’s agent is the property investor’s secret weapon. We look at a Buyers Advocates secret weapon, finance approval.

Buyer Advocates Share Their Tips for Saving on Your Property Purchase

3rd of January 2017, By Mark Ribarsky.

How to save money when buying property. Wise Real Estate Advice looks at suggestions to achieving property success with the lowest possible price.

Steps to Property Development Success

7th of December 2016, By Mark Ribarsky.

Property development is no longer for the rich and wealthy, all you need is some wise real estate advice when buying your next property.


Tips For First Home Buying Success

24th of November 2016, By Mark Ribarsky.

Sick of the rent trap? Melbroune’s leading buyers agents give some tips on getting into the property game. The Aussie dream’s not out of reach!



Buying In A Hotspot

8th of November 2016, By Mark Ribarsky.

Buying in a ‘hot spot:’ Purchase property in a suburb before it becomes popular, Wise Real Estate Advice looks at how buyers agents do it.


Three Features of Effective Property Offers

15th of October 2016, By Mark Ribarsky.

Making an offer on a property is an exciting time, our buyer’s advocate’s offer some handy tips on submitting an effective offer.


Renovation Savings Tips

28th of September 2016, By Mark Ribarsky.

Wise ideas to help you renovate your property on a budget. Check out these inspiring ideas and smart tips for home renovations & makeovers.


5 Cost Effective Ways homeowners appeal buyer demographic. 

Selling your property is no doubt an emotional journey, and because your home is most likely your greatest financial asset, you need to be smart about how to appeal to future buyers. This article will give you some cost effective tips.


What to Consider Before Purchasing Your First Property

Buying your first home is an exciting time for many Australians. However, it is easy to get swept up in the excitement and forget that it is one of the biggest purchases of your life. To make sure you make the right decision for yourself and your future consider these questions:


Buy Within Your Budget

The hidden costs of buying real estate and working out your budget involves research and careful consideration of all options.


Transitioning from Renting to Owning: What to Consider
Some things to consider when transitioning from renting to owning. Before you start house hunting here are some factors you should consider.


Advice For First Home Buyers
Entering the property market for the first time is an exciting and daunting time. The following tips smooth the path to get into your own home sooner, whilst reducing stress during the process.

6 Strategies for Property Negotiating Success
You’ve found a great property, but how do you decide the market value? Wise Real Estate Advice looks at 6 tips to help you negotiate a purchase price.

The Secret To Predicting The Next Boom Suburb’s

Maximising the value of your property before you sell not only gives you the potential to sell your property sooner but it also means a higher price.

Buying Property Around Infrastructure Projects

Buying property around future infrastructure projects is real estate investing 101 and something buyers agent look out for.

Selling Your Home? Make More With A Renovation

Maximising the value of your property before you sell not only gives you the potential to sell your property sooner but it also means a higher price.

Wealthy Chinese Calling Australian Real Estate Home

Wealthy Chinese are pushing property prices even higher, FIRB records a 100% increase in invest in Australia. Wise looks at some of the status supporting the claim.

Transforming a Primary Residence into an Investment

If you are looking to convert your current home into an investment property Wise Real Estate Advice looks at how it’s done. 

Helping First Home Buyers

Buying your first home is a major financial decision so it’s important to understand who can help you save time, money and reduce risk.

This Years BBQ Stopper, Negative Gearing. 

Negative Gearing is back on the news headlines thanks to Labour’s proposed tax reform. Wise looks at who uses negative gearing and what our politicians claim will happen if we change the tax law.

Under Quoting 

Underquoting is when a salesperson advertises a price for a property that is less than the vendor is willing to consider – in order to encourage more buyers to look at the property.

Why Real Estate Investing Suits So Many

You’ve been hearing for years that it’s a great time to buy real estate. Wise Real Estate Advice looks at reason why investing in property suits so many.

Buyers Remorse

Buyer’s remorse is the term given to the feeling a person often gets after making a large purchase. Although excited at the time of the purchase, many people feel a deep regret and concern that they made the wrong decision. 

The Dos & Dont’s For Buying Off The Plan

A growing number of people are buying property off-the-plan as apartment buildings sprout in capital cities, so wise real estate advice points out the Dos and Dont’s to buying off the plan.

How Much Does A Buyers Advocate Cost?
Fees for hiring buyer’s agents depend’s on the scope of job you require. Wise Real Estate Advice offers some wisdom on what to look out for.

Property Predictions for 2016With prices tipped to ease, what will the property market look like in 2016? We ask the nation’s best property minds if 2016 is time to buy or sell.

 Make The Most Of Low Interest Rates
Low rates presents an opportunity, 2016 looks set for a year of ultra-low rates – so we might as well make the most of it.

Understanding Auction Speak

Bidding at auction? Wise Real Estate Advice helps you understand the lingo that is used can help to keep your emotions in check when bidding

Friends With BenefitsBuying a property with a friend can be a great way to get into the real estate market. We speak to Matt and his experience on breaking though the rent trap with one of his best mates.

Lot Sizes Getting Smaller
Population studies confirm our cities are becoming denser, and standard housing block sizes are getting smaller, ranging from 200 sq m to 350sq m on average (or roughly half what they were 30 years ago). We look at but how it impact buyers and the greater community?

Tricks In Real Estate Marketing
Tricks become standard practice for real estate marketing, Wise Real Estate Advice looks at common techniques used in the real estate industry to attract buyers.

Real Estate Advisor For Buyers
Buying a property in Melbourne can be a difficult process with prices rocketing, jitters about interest rates, and fears of an imminent collapse, there really has never been a more nail-biting time enter the real estate market market. Find out more on how you can reduce the chance of making a mad move when it comes to buying property.

Tips To Choosing A Home Loan
There are hundreds of different loans out there in the home loan marketplace.Wise Real Estate Advice explains what to look for when choosing a mortgage.

Subdividing Property For Profit

Looking for a positive geared investment? For successful investors the rewards of subdivision can be considerable, sub dividing property can allow you the freedom your looking for in property investing.

Investing In Property

Real estate makes more millionaires than any other asset classes. To be successful in real estate it’s important to know the pros and cons of investing. One of Melbourne’s leading buyers advocates comments on the two sides of owning an investment property.

Renovating a property to make money?  Half the job in a successful renovation is buying the right property that has the potential to gain value with a face lift. Mark our head buyers agents gives some tips on property selection.

Real Estate Market Up Date: July, Aug, Sep QTR

Read the latest news from the Melbourne Real Estate market from July quarter 2015 including medina house prices, auction results & interest rates. Our head buyer’s agent Mark Ribarsky gives his commentary.

What Makes A Good Investment Property

You may be interested in buying an investment property if you want to diversify your holdings beyond stocks and bonds. Buying a property that has a good rental return and maximises capital growth can be a tricky. Some wise advice from our lead buyers agent on buying the right property. 

The End Of Melbourne’s Apartment BoomA large supply of inner-city apartment approvals in Melbourne over the last 24 months is fuelling speculation over the stability of future prices remaining stable. 

Real Estate Contract Of Sale, Be Sure Before You Sign
What is included in a home when buying a property. Did you know that light fittings, a dishwasher or decorative garden features are not considered a fixed item in a home? Therefore not included in the sale of a property. This blog points out a few things to consider when signing a real estate contract of sale.

Stressed Out About Bidding At A Property Auction? Are you asking your self-questions like what is the true value of the home? What if it’s a lemon? Am I buying in the right area? When should I put my hand up to bid? Here is how a buyer’s agent can help.

Ever wondered what a professional real estate buyer thinks of when considering an investment property?  Some tip’s and tricks on buying property in Melbourne.

Mistakes Made By Home Buyers

Buying a home is an exciting but stressful experience. Some words of wisdom from our head buyer’s agent on avoiding the common mistakes a home buyer’s make’s when buying a home or investment property.

Make Investing Safe As Houses
Buying a property to rent out is a popular form of investment. Houses and units are easier to understand than many other types of investments, yet they do have some issues you need to be aware of.

Investing Around School Zones
 School zones are a big selling point in many areas – in fact, the quality of the local schools can be the key reason for moving there. Some attractive arguments for a schoolzone-driven investment strategy,

Seller beware as buyer’s agents level playing field

In a strong selling market, everything in a selling campaign is geared in the vendor’s (sellers) favour. The average buyer has allot to consider when purchasing the right property for there needs, here is how a buyer agents level the playing field.

Real Estate Market Update
Our head buyer’s agent Mark gives his commentary at what is happening in Melbourne real estate market.

Who You Need On Your Side When Buy An Investment Property?To help you navigate the investment process, this guide has been developed help you identify the team of people who you need to secure the right investment property.

Tax tips on rental property’s If you own a rental property, or are thinking of buying one, this series of short videos will help you understand your record-keeping and tax obligations.  Our buyers agents get asked allot of questions on purchasing investment property’s and tax,so to make things easier for everyone, here the below videos will shed some light on the topic. All videos are brought to you buy the Australian taxation office.

Reasons to use a Buyers AgentThe aim of a Real Estate agent is to convince the buyer to purchase a home at the highest possible price.  Buyers make the mistake of thinking that the selling agent is on their side but this is simply not the case. Only Buyers Agents do that.

Steps a buyer’s agent guides you throughOur qualified Buyer’s Agents determine where you are and what you want to achieve as this is fundamental to developing a strategy that’s right for you.

Auction RepresentationOur Buyers Advocates will spare you the stress, uncertainty and emotional attachment which is associated with any auction process. We will be your own personal representative at property auctions to enter bidding on your behalf and relentlessly try to secure the property of your choice at the lowest possible price – whilst remaining strictly within your budget. 

How a buyer’s agent negotiates.A good buyers advocate has seen many houses across Melbourne and has a great feel of the market. This allows them to understand the quality of houses available on the market and the average sales prices. This knowledge put’s them on a level playing field with the other negotiating part.

Advice on getting ready to buy a home.Buying your first home is both exciting and nerve-wracking. It is a major decision that takes planning and research, and careful budgeting. Here are some tips our wise buyers advocates put together to help on getting ready to buy a home.

How a buyers agent determine-purchase-price of a propertyA property’s worth is judged primarily by ‘how much is somebody prepared to pay for it at the time?’  When determining a property true value a buyer’s advocate considers:

How do I choose a Buyer’s agent?Is the buyer’s agent a fully licensed real estate agent?, Does the buyer’s agent have access to “silent sales”?,  Are they a dedicated buyer’s agent or real estate agents selling their own listings? , Do they charge flat fee or a percentage?

How to negotiate buying a house

Insight and forecasts into the Melbourne property market

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Keeping Your Investment Occupied

Increasing The Value Of Your Investment Property

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