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Wise Articles - 2021


Ready to sell your home? There’s plenty of things you can do to increase its value. Follow our top tips here for increasing value with smart renovations.

Adding Value To Property With Smart Renovations


Not all Real Estate Agents are created equal. To safeguard your property sale make sure your next real estate agent doesn’t show these warning signs.

How to make a knock-out bid before auction

Tips for buying your first rental property – FEB 


Ready to buy your first property. Here we cover all the essentials things you should know from finding the right location to getting landlord insurance.


Tips for buying your first rental property

Buying a house in Victoria in 2021 – JAN 


Ready to buy a house in Victoria? Here’s all the major steps you should follow on your path to owning your first or next house.

Buying a house in Victoria in 2021

Most Affordable Suburbs in Melbourne 2020

4th of February, 2020. 

We have shortlisted the most affordable suburbs in Melbourne to buy property. If your looking for bang for your buck property then start here.


4th Of March, 2020. 

The question everyones asking ‘Where will our property markets be in 2021?’ We look at each capital city consider a boom or bust in prices.


14th Of April, 2020. 

We look at 3 future scenarios how COVID-19 could impact real estate prices in Australian property market in over the coming years.


7th Of May, 2020.

Avoid buying a money pit apartment, wise real estate advice on what not to do and what to look out for when buying Melbourne appartments.


1st Of June, 2020.

Our buyer’s agents give you the hot tips on buying property that you can add value to, it’s easier than you’d expect.


Is it good to buy property in a recession?

8th Of July

Is a recession the right time to do some house hunting? Should you be buying property during times of financial restraint and recession?

Buying Property For Retirement Income

17th Of August

Discover how you can start buying property for retirement income. Read on to learn about the risks and benefits associated with buying an investment property.

5 Questions to Ask a Luxury Property Buyer’s Agent

20th Of September 

Here are some essential questions you should ask a luxury property buyers agent before you get assistance with property searches and biddi

Renovating A Property For Profit.

20th Of October 

Looking to make a profit from renovating and selling houses? It’s what industry insiders like to call ‘property flipping’. Get some great tips for it here.

The Dos & Dont’s For Buying Off The Plan

23rd Of November 

Buying off the plan is a great option for first home buyers but there are still plenty of risks you need to look out for. Read our latest article to learn more.


Should I buy a house or apartment?

7th Of November, 2019. 

What makes a better investment, a house or apartment? Which should an investor go for? We look at the pros and cons for both sides.

4th Of October, 2019.

Found a home you really love? Don’t miss out by going to auction uninformed. Here are some tips to snag the home of your dreams.

4 Easy Steps to Choose The Right Buyers Agent

1st Of August, 2019. 

How do you select THE RIGHT buyers agent? One that has experience, seen the ups and downs of a property market and offers wise advice?


Help Buying An Apartment In Melbourne

1st Of July.

Avoid buying a money pit apartment, wise real estate advice on what not to do and what to look out for when buying Melbourne appartments.


3rd Of June, 2019.

We use advanced auction bidding strategies to give you the best chance of buying your ideal property at the right price. Save money & stress.


The Best Buyers Agents in Melbourne

1st Of May, 2019, Mark Ribarsky. 

Ready to house hunt ? It’s a jungle out there! We’ll give you all the wise tips on finding the best buyers buyers agents in Melbourne!



Help Buying A House

1st Of April, 2019, Mark Ribarsky. 

Most buyers make mistakes that cost a lot of money. Our buyers agents give you some wise advice on avoiding the pitfalls of buying property.


Investment Property Advice

5th Of March, 2019, By Mark Ribarsky.

Getting the right advice before starting your property investment portfolio is crucial, we look at who can add value to your investment journey.


Do I Need A Buyers Agent?

2nd Of February, 2019, By Mark Ribarsky.

Can a buyers agent help me buy a better home? Here’s what you need to know about the pros & cons of using a buyers agent to buy property.  



Buyers Agents For Retirees

2nd Of January, 2019, By Mark Ribarsky.

We look at how a buyers agent can helps seniors purchase the right property to suit future needs and how they negotiate a better deal.



Melbourne Property Market Forecast 2019

5th Of December, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky. 

Melbourne property market outlook: 2019. Our lead buyers agent gives his tips on next years property market & if it’s a good time to invest.

4th Of October, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

Smart property investment lets you find the best investment suburbs fit for you. Our top buyers agents shared their top tips of where to buy.


Buy Property Below Market Value in Growth Suburbs‎

3rd Of September, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

A lot of investors are talking about buying property under market value, we look at tips buyer’s agent use to spot a great property deal.


Is It A Good Time To Buy Property In Melbourne?

1st Of August, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

Prices are falling, so is now a good time to buy property? Real Estate commentator & buyer’s agent Mark answers the tough question.


Buyer’s Agent Vs Selling Agent

 20th Of June, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

Do you understand the difference between a buyers agent & a real estate agent? We look at they contribute to the real estate transaction.


Are Buyers Agents Worth The Money

26th Of May, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

Why pay so much money for a buyers agent when any one can buy a house. Wise Real Estate Advice looks at the pros and cons of using a buyer’s agent.

What Is A Independent Property Buyer? 

16th Of May, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

We offer our clients independent & impartial advice on buying real estate. We look at what an independent buyers agents means & why it’s important.

Do Real Estate Agents Lie?

19th Of April, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

Are agents allowed to lie about multiple offers or under quoting price? Our lead buyers agent shares his experiences with real estate agents.


Negotiating On Property Price

19th Of April, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

How to negotiate a property deal like a real estate agent. It’s time to look at the ins & outs of getting the best deal when buying a property.


Property Investment Advice

31st Of March, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

Wise advice to guide your 1st investment property is crucial step to gain equity to build your empire, get some tips from Melbroune’s experts.


Buying An Investment Property In Melbourne

15th Of March, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

Free advice on buying a successful investment property in Melbourne, our buyers advocates share the investors recipe for success. 


Vendor Advocate Qualification 

26th Of February, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

We’ve created an information guide to making sure your vendor advocate is qualified for the job of effectively buying you a great property.


Buyers Advocate Qualifications

19th Of February, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

We’ve created an information guide to making sure your buyers advocate is qualified for the job of effectively buying you a great property.

Why School Zones Increase Property Values

12th Of February, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

We all know property values rise for real estate in good school zones. Our buyers agent looks at four reasons why school zones increase value.

The 6 Tips Of Attracting Tenants

6th Of February, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

Wise Real Estate Advice look at 6 tips on attracting great tenants that will look after your property & maximise your rent long term.

Commercial Buyers Agents Melbourne

31st Of January, 2018, By Mark Ribarsky.

Melbourne’s leading commercial buyers agents specialising in searching, assessing & negotiating the successful purchase of commercial property.

Property Passed In? Negotiating After Auction

30th Of November 2017, Mark Ribarsky.

It can be formidable to negotiate on a price of a property that has not sold at. Our buyers agents offer some wise advice on the process.


Reasons Why Real Estate Underquote Properties

28th Of November 2017, Mark Ribarsky.

Why real estate agents constantly underquote prices of properties? Our buyers agents reveal the top reasons as to why they underquote.

11th of November 2017, By Mark Ribarsky

Need help buying an apartment in Melbourne? Apartments are relatively cheap, low maintenance, located close to great amenities & infrastructure.

Are You Able To Claim Buyer’s Agent Fees As A Tax Deduction?

6th of November 2017, By Mark Ribarsky

Wise Real Estate Advice looks at what investors can claim as a tax deduction against investment properties including buyers agents fees.

Wise Real Estate Advice senior buyers agent Mark look at capitalising on price surges: 6 hints to identify undervalued suburbs.



The Dos & Dont’s For Buying Off The Plan

A growing number of people are buying property off-the-plan as apartment buildings sprout in capital cities, so wise real estate advice points out the Dos and Dont’s to buying off the plan.

How to negotiate buying a house

Insight and forecasts into the Melbourne property market

Property Investment: A Safe Bet

Questions On Property & Self Managed Super Funds

Keeping Your Investment Occupied

Increasing The Value Of Your Investment Property

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Fabulous Mom Blog – What Is Negative Gearing.

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Femail: Can’t Afford To Buy A House? Maybe You Can.

The Real Estate Conversation: First Time Home Buyers: Know Your Market.

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Business View: 4 Tips For First Rime Business Owners. 

Real Estate View: 8 Key Auction Speak Terms Every Buyer Should Know.

Smart Property Investments: Wise Real Estate Advice.

Your Investment Property Mag: Buyers Agent’s Key To Smart Property Investments

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