Property Negotiators

After pinpointing your perfect home or investment property, our dedicated buyer’s agents will take charge, engaging in negotiations with the agent or owner on your behalf.

This service aims to save you valuable time, money, and potential stress.

Not only will we bid and negotiate to help secure the best price for you, we can also help you to negotiate favourable terms to suit your own personal needs.

Property Negotiators

Preparing for a negotiation.

Each of our property negotiators have been in your shoes, so we know how it feels to make a buying decision.

Our team will meticulously assess the chosen property, aiming to comprehend the construction quality, identify potential maintenance or structural issues, evaluate the property’s market value, and understand its method of sale.

This thorough examination equips us with the essential knowledge required to proceed confidently to the negotiation stage.

The process covers:

  • Property Inspection: We’ll give you a 15 minute inspection video looking at potential maintenance issues,  pros and cons of the property via commentary, overhead drone footage of the roof line, neighbours and immediate area.
  • Understand the property’s market value: Issue you with a comprehensive property appraisal out lining market conditions and comparable property sales in the area.
  • Rental Appraisal: for our landlord clients, our sister company Property Managers Melb will provide a written appraisal on weekly rent. This can also be used for obtaining your finance after we win a negotiation.
  • Strategy planning: Out line the structured negotiation strategy, opening bid price and a walk away point. This includes potential pre-auction offers and post auction offers.
  • Researching the real estate agent your dealing with. We establish if the agent has a history of underquoting or not presenting property ethically.

The process of buying a property can quickly become complicated making it difficult to see the end goal. It’s also easy to get emotionally involved and make the wrong decision costing you money.

Our experienced agents priority is to look after you and your best interest, negotiating a successful outcome. As we’re independent, we take the emotion out of any property negotiation.


Dealing With Real Estate Agent For You

If you’ve had prior experience negotiating in real estate, you may have encountered agents who are unclear with information, provide conflicting details, engage in persistent follow-ups, and may even underquote property prices, leading you into an auction experience that doesn’t align with your budget.

Our buyers agent will represent you during each step gate keeping your from the real estate agent. 

The blend of our market expertise and thorough preparation empowers us with the ability to effectively manage a seller’s agent, ensuring a favorable outcome for our clients.

Auction Day 

Once all the due diligence is finalized, your buyers’ agent is deemed prepared for the auction. We have already establish a predetermined walk-away figure, a realistic anticipation of where the auction will finish, and a well-defined bidding strategy that includes a set walkaway price.

To secure the most favorable price, ayour buyers agent will employ three distinct bidding strategies tailored to common auction scenarios. 

Attending the auction is not mandatory, but your buyer’s agent strongly suggests your presence, as it adds an enjoyable element to the experience.

Private Negotiations

If a property is sold with ‘expression of interest,’ ‘sale by set date’ or an advertised price your buyers agent will conduct the same preparation as per an auction secarnio.

Numerous behind-the-scenes negotiations can evolve into boardroom auctions, where you find yourself in direct interaction with the agent and all participating bidders.

Each of our buyers agents have been through private negotiations many times and will quickly work towards a favourable scenario for their clients. 

How much do we charge?

We offer two fixed rate plans that are designed to give you exactly what you need. For more information on our fees click here. 

Negotiate only plan. 

Our appraisal and negotiation service caters to buyers who relish the search process but recognize the value of bringing in experts to determine the true market value of a property.

With our assistance, they can confidently secure the property at the right price through skilled negotiation.

This strategy continues to provide a comprehensive service through a fully equipped buyer’s agent. The agent will conduct property inspections, offer a video walkthrough with commentary, perform market evaluations, and extend complete buyer representation during both auction and private negotiation processes.

Listen to our wise podcast on negotiating. 

Fully serviced buyers agent. 

The primary highlight of this plan is our team of expert buyer’s agents who conduct a thorough search, recommend and inspect listings tailored to your specific buying criteria.

We strategically filter properties to ensure they are not only sound long-term investments, maximizing your returns, but also designed to keep your overheads as low as possible.

Once we find something we like, we will conduct the due-diligence on the property then negotiate via private treaty or auction until a property is purchased. 

Both plans provide a fixed rate fee, irrespective of your budget. We offer a 6-month service plan, emphasizing our commitment to work diligently until a property is successfully purchased within this specified timeframe.

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