How Much Do Buyer’s Agent Cost?

How much do buyer’s agents cost? Fees for hiring buyer’s agents vary depending on the level of service you choose, the scope of job you require and their expertise. 

Wise Real Estate Advice offers a fixed rate so there is no incentives for the buyers agent to spend more.  If your budget is $450K or $2M, our fees remains the same.

Our fixed rate covers our clients until a property is purchased regardless of how many auctions or private negotiations it takes. The responsibility is on our buyers agents to provide a high quality service that is paid on performance. Our clients say ‘we make buying easy.’ 

 How much do other Buyer’s Agent cost? 


Fees vary depending on the level of service you choose, the scope of job you require and their expertise. Below is a typical reflection what everyone else charges: 

  • Bidding  at auction, fees vary from $500+ for each auction they attend, with a potential additional fee payable on a successful purchase.
    Remember you’re paying an exclusive buyer’s agent to search specifically for you and to be completely independent and impartial.
  • Buyers agents commission: The buyers advocates full service fees work out to typically be 1.5-2% + GST of the purchase price. However, some buyer’s agents will negotiate a set or fixed fee in advance depending on price brackets, degree of difficulty and other search criteria. Be carful of buyer’s agents that work on commission,  this is the same as working off a percentage.
  • Negotiation service only:  where they are required to negotiate a property price before, fees are typically vary from .5% to 1% + GST of the total purchase price.



How much do we charge? 


We charge a flat fee of $5900. Inc GST, fixed rate until a property is purchased (Fully serviced buyers agent).

If the client conducts a property search & requires a buyers agent for negotiating, we charge a flat fee of $3,600. Inc GST, fixed rate until a property is purchased .

Your buyers agent will inspect the property, conduct due diligence, negotiate via auction or private treaty and assist with contracts of sale.

How Much Do You Pay Upfront To Hire A Buyer Agent? 

Most buyer’s agents will ask for a proportion of their total fee to be paid upon signing the contract. This initial fee can range from $1,000 to 50% of the total fee payable. Often that fee is non-refundable and sometimes a portion is refundable if the purchase does not proceed. Non-refundable fees are paid to compensate buyer’s agents for the amount of time they have spent searching for properties. Also known as chargeable time, this non-refundable portion should be stipulated in the contract prior to signing. More questions? Check out Buyers Agents FAQ.

At Wise Real Estate Advice, we ensure all boxes are ticked and that sincere care is taken when providing a buyer with the wise advice and action required throughout the buying process. To speak to one of our friendly buyer’s agents click here to fill out an enquiry form or just simply call us on 1300 00 WISE. 

More information on buyers agents service. 

Negotiations Service Only

Professional Help with Property Negotiations

Our appraisal and negotiation service is ideal for the buyer whom enjoys the search but want to bring in the experts to get the true market value of the property and know that they can secure it at the right price through expert negotiation.

– Inspect your chosen property.

– We establish the market value: Independent, unbiased view on the properties true worth.

– Negotiate or via private treaty or auction: Our expert negotiators mean our clients can save tens of thousands of dollars. We know how present offers at the right time and in the best possible method.

We offer a fixed fee for our negotiation service so you can know your costs up front. Submit your details below for more information on this service. 


The world of hiring buyers agents can be a tricky with unforeseen cost to the client. Below is a quick reference guide of what to look out for when it comes to paying a buyers advocate for there service. 

  • Fixed fees, until a property is purchased.

  • No commissions.

  • Only use a fully serviced buyers agents covering your for property search, evaluating and negotiating via auction or private treaty.

  • Make sure your buyers advocate is a fully licensed real estate agent.

  • Let the above be outlined in your written agreement / contract.  

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Property Buyers Guide

Download a FREE Home Buyers Guide, an easy to understand booklet designed to help you through the process of buying.Your copy of the property buyer’s guide can be downloaded here.

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How much do Buyers Agents Fees Cost in Melbourne?
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How much do Buyers Agents Fees Cost in Melbourne?
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So what does the service of a Buyer’s Agent actually cost? Wise Real Estate Advice looks at what buyers advocates charge across Melbourne.