Buyer’s Agents Bidding For You At Auction

Our Buyers Advocates will spare you the stress, uncertainty and emotional attachment which is associated with any auction process. We will be your own personal representative at property auctions to enter bidding on your behalf and relentlessly try to secure the property of your choice at the lowest possible price – whilst remaining strictly within your budget.


Todays’s Auction Model


Today’s auction model is designed to return maximum dollars to the pocket of the vendor. Below are three reasons why:

  1. Auctions are designed to create uncertainty, excitement and tension in buyers. This heady mix of emotions serves to push bidders to extend themselves beyond their price ceilings and what they logically know to be reasonable.
  2. Real estate Agents under quoting: All too often, potential buyers are offered price estimates that fall notably short of the final sale price, in order to ensure that as many interested (and emotionally attached) parties at the auction as possible.
  3. The third factor, of course, is lack of preparation and research. You are almost certain to underachieve in this market without studying comparable local sales, acquiring the proper inspection reports and having a reasonable understanding of the current market dynamics.

Situations where buyer’s agents save clients money


Dummy bids: We have talked to auctioneers in the past and “encouraged them” to stop running the bids up and on several occasions identified bidders to prevented dummy bids from pushing up the price on our client.

Post Auction Negotiations: We have let properties pass in at auction and entered into post-auction negotiations straight after and bought below the pass-in figure.

Real Estate agents and under quoting: We have saved countless clients from wasting their time and money getting building and pest inspections and paying us to attend auctions where the property was drastically underquoted. In every case these properties sold for well above our potential clients’ financial capacity.

An Auction can be daunting, stressful and has a high stakes outcome. Having professional Buyer agent at your side to do the bidding for you is invaluable.


Property Buyers Guide

Download a FREE Home Buyers Guide, an easy to understand booklet designed to help you through the process of buying. Your copy of the property buyer’s guide can be downloaded here.

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  • Wise Real Estate Advice

    Wise Real Estate Advice
    Reviewed from Google

    5 out of 5 stars

    Hari Krishnan
    Hari Krishnan

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 3 months ago

    I found Mark through Google!!!.
    Since my first meeting I felt so confident in Mark's ability and experience in being able to deliver a great result. I was very much impressed with Mark's service as he made the whole process easier and stress free!!!!

    I am really happy because I bought exactly what I was looking for and it was well under my top budget. Most importantly We did it within few weeks.

    Since day one Mark was very pro-active.

     Mark emailed multiple properties every week within my search parameters and wish list.
     Mark allowed me to be involved as much as I wished.
     Mark inspected the properties I liked.
     Mark explained the positives and negatives about each property.
     Mark held a pre-auction meeting and attended the auction
     Mark's strategies and suggestions like where he’ll stand during the auction, how he’ll handle the negotiation etc. etc. and through to the final shaking of hands inside the house all played out in a positive way.

    Thank you Mark for all your work in getting me the right house for the right price!

    I highly recommend Mark for everybody who wants to find a good place to live or invest.

    Many, many, many thanks!

    alok desai
    alok desai

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 1 month ago

    Mark helped us find our first Investment property and it has been a great experience for us. He made it so easy for us and took away all the stress about the whole process, was very patient and very responsive will all the queries we had and helped us in every step of the way to find us our ideal property. Thank you again for all your efforts Mark.

Auction Bidding Service by Experienced Buyers Agents
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Auction Bidding Service by Experienced Buyers Agents
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Wise Real Estate Advice,
Leve 2 Riverside Quay, 1 Southbank Boulvard,Southbank,Victoria-3006,
Telephone No.1300 009 473
Our Wise buyers agents use bidding strategies at auction to give you the best chance of buying your ideal property at the right price.