Our Service In Detail


  • Develop your buying criteria, this step is critical in assessing the probability of buying and adjusting our search to the current market. 
  • Weekly property recommendations tailored to your developed criteria. This includes shortlisting high growth properties that maximise returns from a capital growth and rental return prospective. Property recommendations are sourced from on-market, coming to market and off market sources.


Q: Can I recommend homes to my buyer’s agent for assessment?  Yes, in fact a more engaged buyer has a higher chance in getting into the market sooner. At this stage it’s common to have a few zoom meetings to discuss and evolve your criteria.


  • Weekly property inspection(s) of listings our clients have shortlisted. We provide our clients with an inspection video with a critical assessment of the property. This includes:

        • Assessing the streetscape: how well-kept properties are, make sure there are no visible detractors that will impact future buyers. 
        • Internal inspection: assess the floor plan, assess potential maintenance issues, structural issues and commentary on the quality of finish. 
        • External inspection: assess visible structural defects in walls, gutters, roof and potential maintenance issues.
  • Written assessment of the property market value based on comparable property sales and the completed property inspection. This will assess the validity of the real estate agents advertised price and help you understand market value of the property we are assessing.
  • Written rental appraisal completed by Property Managers Melb. 
  • Provide a report on the suburb, recent sales results and sales history of the property of interest.


Q: Can I attend inspections with my buyer’s agent? Yes, we are happy to give you a tour of the property and answer any questions you might have. 

Q: How many properties will my buyer’s agent inspect for me each week? Typically, 1-3 listings peer week. 


Depending on how property is selling in the area, number of buyers in the market and how the selling agent has presented the property for sale your buyer’s agent will make the assessment of which buying strategy will favour you.   


At this point, your buyer’s agent will create a written bidding plan tailored to the method of sale (auction or private negation), you will know when your buyer’s agent is going to open bidding and set a walk away price. Your buyer’s agent will bid on your behalf while you relax and watch the show.

You will also know what will happen if the auction fails, how your buyer’s agent will manage a post auction negotiation. 



Q: Can a buyer’s agent source / help with building and pest inspections + conveyancer’s service? Our buyers agents have a network of inspectors and conveyancers engaging.


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