Investment Property Advisory

For many, purchasing an investment property can be a difficult process that many buyers only undertake a few times in their lives.

Melbourne’s booming real estate market has only added to the myriad of complications in property investment.  Despite the difficulties, the economic outcome of being a homeowner is widely beneficial. Using a buyer’s advocate in your pursuit to purchase the right property could be the difference between an average return or a lucrative one. 

Some of the many ways a buyer’s advocate can assist are:

  • Advising on complex real estate strategy.
  • Maximising your returns with short and long term ROI benefits.
  • Providing advice regarding the how and when to enter the market. 
  • Reduce risk in buying real estate money pits.

Property Investor Podcast

Check out my podcast on the pros and cons of using a buyers agent.

A buyer’s advocate can assess and predict the many different outcomes of your home buying process while providing strategies to put you in the best position when facing agencies and vendors. Any questions you may have for the buyer’s agent about purchasing a home can be answered with confidence and expertise.

Buying Your Investment. 

At Wise Real Estate Advice, our experienced advocates work hard to represent and assist you when making such a critical purchase. Our goal is to ensure the most advantageous outcome for you and your investment.  Our Buyer’s Agents are all experienced Real Estate Agents qualified by the Real Estate Institute of Victoria and are monitored by the Business Licence Authority. They all have multi-investment property portfolios and many years of experience in the industry, ensuring that our clients are only being consulted by the best of the real estate industry.

We are committed to providing the highest degree of service and better understanding your needs and goals, which is why we intently engage with our clients. We provide an active consultation session which aims to communicate with you and identify exactly what you are looking for. Each step of our consultation process has a core focus on supporting you, from the initial consultation to the settlement.

Our buying process:

Searching for the right property can be time consuming and stressful, especially when the market is so complex. Unfortunately, it is all too common for agencies to be unpredictable when advertising a property, from misleading descriptions to deceiving pricing. Many properties may also not be listed, such as off market properties. There are many properties for sale that are off market. Using a buyer’s agent is advantageous in this regard as we are in contact with agencies who prefer to hold a silent listing, meaning you could have access to purchasing a property that you would not have otherwise.

At Wise Real Estate Advice, we apply a customised extensive property search in your desired suburb using our experience in the Melbourne Property Market. Our property search services include inspecting and short-listing suitable properties, referring to recent sales data, providing written market appraisals and providing a rental market appraisal for investors among many of our other services. We are committed to finding the best available properties that match your needs and requirements.

The true market value of the home may often differ from the advertised price. Having this information can be helpful as it may provide a better understanding of how much the property is worth, and whether or not it is something affordable to you.

Our buyer’s agents are able to determine the true market value of the properties that have been selected. We are also able to provide what the reserve price will most likely be to assist you in the buying process.

Many listed properties in Melbourne decide to go to auction, as it may have a high chance of selling at a more desirable price for the vendor. For the buyer, however, purchasing a property at auction can be a very stressful process with many variables. A buyer’s agent is highly experienced in dealing with auctions and the best strategies for making it count at an auction.

Wise Real Estate Advice’s Buyer’s Agents have thorough experience in closing the deal at an auction and understand how best to represent you in the buying process. Our buyer’s agents are able to arrange building and pest inspections, negotiate a fair market price and terms, submit offers on your behalf and correspond with the selling agent for your best interests.

Once you have purchased your property, our Buyer’s Agent will assist you in all the post-purchase steps to ensure the entire purchasing process goes smoothly. We are able to oversee the contracts and exchange to suit your best interests and provide competent legal representation.

One Stop Service, Property Management to Managed Sales Campaigns.   

After securing your new investment property, Property Managers Melb is a property management company that’s owned by Wise Real Estate Advice. We Service WREA investors across Melbourne who want better returns, less stress and asset protection.

This solution offers investors piece of mind with a one stop solution. From buying a great investment property, securing a tenant, upkeep of the investment to the eventual sale.

Click here for more information on our property management service.

Selling Your Investment. 

Vendor Advocates Melb is a sister company owned by Wise Real Estate Advice. This agency exclusively services WREA clients at the point of property sale. Our agency acts as a middleman between the selling agent and the Landlord.

Offering expert market advisory, we interview & hire the best real estate agents, tailor advertising campaigns, property staging, managing the sales campaign to the point of a successful sale.  

Types Of Investment Property We Advise On

buying-an-investment-propertyRESIDENTIAL PROPERTY

Our research & due diligence is structured to give WREA clients all the information needed to make high level buying decisions with ease. Great care is taken in recommending and securing property that easily attracts tenants. Ultimately, the property should evoke many groups of competing buyers when you resell.

Our advisory service includes:

  • Property inspection with inspection videos. 
  • Market appraisal.
  • Maintenance schedule.
  • Rental appraisal.
  • Manage building & pest inspections.
  • Finally, negation via auction or private treaty.


Buying an apartment in Melbourne is a risky task with many factors that must be considered to avoid a real estate money pit. 

Problems like negative equity, fire cladding issues,  a small floor plan, high body corporate fees, poor capital growth and low rental yields all impact the value of an apartment. All these issues will affect your bottom line when you sell as most of them can’t be fixed. This is why it is wise to buy the right property the first time around to avoid unnecessary headaches.

In addition to the above, Melbourne is experiencing an oversupply of apartments. A buyers agent can lead you through the maze of complexity when buying this type of real estate. 

More info on apartment buying. 


There are many ways to add value to a property. One of the most effective ways to do this is by renovating. A new renovation can rejuvenate the look and feel of a property. A new room, flooring, or even backyard features can help make a home more appealing to potential buyers.

What inspires many people to renovate is the potential to make a profit from it. A buyers agents guidance during the buying process can be priceless when working out the costs involved and the pure scale of the renovations.

A buyers advocate can insure your journey to success and reduced the chances of a terrible overspend. More info on renovator clients. 


We target existing properties that have the potential for multiple dwellings in a range of suburbs across Melbourne. We ensure your project is successful with the knowledge of building a cost effective property that will maximise return. Multi-dwelling projects can be plagued with hidden costs that diminish profit. Our experience can reduce the risk of costly errors and ensure the project is profitable.

More info on dual occupancy / subdivision. 

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