Wise Real Estate Advice is located in the heart of Melbourne and offers a leading buyers advocacy service. Our real estate experience dates back since 1998, WREA buyer advocates have supported their clients to locate properties and negotiate advantageous sale prices and conditions. The team at WREA have a range of skills to ensure the full service firm lives up to its name.

‘Anyone can go out and buy a property but the challenge is to buy the right property that will reap you maximum financial gain in the long term, create wealth and lifestyle benefits.’           Mark Ribarsky. 

WREA take pride in being leaders in Melbourne’s buyers agents market. Our aim is to find the right property, negotiate the best possible price all for a fixed rate. 

The team at WREA are committed to building relationships with other key people in the industry. Our positive relationships with real estate agencies across Melbourne ensure we have access to off-market listings to provide our clients with the greatest range of properties to suit their needs and budget.

Investors also benefit from our experience with locating development projects. From knockdowns, renovations and new builds, our team are equipped to support your development goals. Our appraisal services can evaluate land parcels to align their viability with your intentions.

The team at WREA come from a range of backgrounds in real estate and sales. Each member is a licensed real estate agent and has been extensively trained in buyer advocacy. All buyer’s agents maintain their own extensive property portfolios and understand the personal nature of property purchasing and ownership.

Best buyers agent MelbourneMeet Mark, The Founder.

Customers have come to know and love Mark for his can-do attitude, stellar reputation and relentless commitment to his clients. Known for his vast business network and enthusiastic worth ethic, it is no wonder Mark is one of the most sought-after buyer’s agents in the city of Melbourne and surrounding areas.

During his career as one of the most respected real estate agents in Melbourne, Mark, has been continually recognised as one of the ‘Top Selling Agents’ by the Barry Plant and Ray White networks. With a Bachelor of Business and qualified by the Real Estate Institute of Victoria Mark exerts passion, professionalism and an uncanny knowledge of real estate.

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