Buying Properties With Subdivision Potential


  1. Subdivision is the act of dividing land into pieces that are easier to sell or otherwise develop.


Purchasing a property with subdivision potential can help unlock instant equity or create dual income potential.

The dual occupancy is simply a property with two sources of income with multiple dwellings on the one property. Returns for both the short and long term are superior and this assists tax payers with the recurring question of “how can I make my property positively geared? (Positive gearing: positive gearing occurs when the income an investment property is generating exceeds the cost of owning and maintaining it. Investments are supposed to make money.)

Dual occupancy Property


Q: How can a buyers agent help me? 

  • We target existing properties that have the potential for multiple dwellings in a range of suburbs across Melbourne.
  • Ensure your project is successful with the knowledge of building a cost effective property that will maximise return.

Multi-dwelling projects can be plagued with hidden costs that diminish profit. Our experience can reduce the risk of costly errors and ensure a profitable experience. Example Project: Two Lot Subdivision 

With our combined experience we have helped subdivide over 100 multi dwelling properties across Melbourne.

Our team consists of an experienced Property Surveyor, Development Consultants, registered Multi Development Builder and qualified Real Estate Agents.


Case Study: 2 Lot Subdivision in Melbourne. Construction of a two bedroom back yard dwelling.

Positively geared propertySub division Melbourne example

Our Step by Step Process:

  • Assess the buyer’s requirement’s.
  • Find a property with multi-dwelling potential.
  • Market appraise, negotiate, and post-sales service all the way to settlement.
  • Architectural designs.
  • Manage and organise town planning/building permits.
  • Subdividing.
  • Selecting a builder.

The rewards of subdividing property can be considerable. This initial profit yield can then be reinvested to boost your investment portfolio, or you may choose to keep the new block and build on it. Wise Real Estate Advice professional buyer’s agents can help you create a new property to for fill the specific demands of the market can bring high returns very quickly.  Call us today for a free consultation on 1300 00 WISE.

Whether you need some help or just have a burning question, we’re here to listen and offer advice.
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