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The Melbourne property market has been flourishing for the last few years, with many buyers striving for real estate in Melbourne’s suburbs. It’s no wonder why many buyers face numerous challenges in their attempts to get into Melbourne’s advantageous market. With so many obstacles in the way, many buyers have turned to the help of a buyer’s agent.


Buyer’s agents help minimise barriers that stop you from buying.

A buyer’s agent takes on the role of representing the buyer when purchasing a home. Like a doctor assesses the best path for a patient, a buyer’s agent will guide you through the property market and reduce how long it takes you to purchase.

At Wise Real Estate Advice, our buyer’s agents are highly experienced in selling and buying homes. Our thorough understanding of the property market leads us to finding the perfect house for you and negotiating on your behalf.

When having our professional buyer’s agents advocate for you in the purchase of your home, you can remain confident that they will find the perfect quality property at a price that works for you.

Our buyer’s agents are highly experienced and skilled, which will assist in negotiating and communicating with real estate agents and sellers, effectively asserting yourself as a genuine buyer that will be taken seriously by the vendor.


Buyer’s Agents help answer questions like:

  • Is the property a good investment?
  • Is the suburb a good suburb?
  • How much should I pay and how much is too much?

At Wise Real Estate Advice, our highly professional buyer’s agents can assess your needs as a buyer through our detailed consultations. Any concerns will be thoroughly analysed to ensure you end up with the perfect property. 

Is the real estate agent telling the truth?

The role of the real estate agent is to represent the seller, which can very often mean selling the property at the highest possible price. The aim of the real estate agent is to try to get the most money out of the buyer that they can. While they may seem to be on the buyer’s side in aiming to find the right home for them, this is simply not the case. The selling agent is legally bound in a contractual agreement to the vendor to sell the property at the highest price, which goes against the interest of the buyer.

Buying property can be very fast paced; it’s commonly an environment when surprise negotiations arise. Many times, you may be pushed into a situation during negotiations that leads you to splurging more money than you would have wanted, whilst the selling agent could be using common tactics such as a phantom buyer. Having a buyer’s agent on your side during negotiations will ensure you have the most positive outcome for your situation that you can get.

Our in-depth due diligence involves:

  • Property recommendations on and off market.

Our buyer’s agents are highly skilled at finding the right property for you, and with our comprehensive analysis, we are able to use our trained eye to scour through potential listings to find the perfect property. We also have access to properties listed off-market, which the general public doesn’t have access to. Using our services opens you up to opportunities you would have otherwise not been able to access.


  • Property inspections and videos with expert commentary

At Wise Real Estate Advice, you can rest assured that our experienced buyer’s agents know exactly what to look out for during a property inspection to ensure you purchase the highest quality property possible. We provide videos along with commentary so that you have an in-depth record of each property that interests you.


  • Expert negotiations

The negotiation stage can be a very difficult environment to assert your terms. Many times, the buyer is at the mercy of the seller and the selling agent. Having a buyer’s agent negotiate on your behalf ensures that negotiations are made in your favour. Not having the benefit of a buyer’s agent could lead to amateur mistakes which could cost the buyer tens of thousands of dollars.

Did you know real estate agents prefer dealing with a buyer’s agent? The reason this is the case is due to the buyer’s agent’s thorough understanding of the market and the responsibilities of the buyer. Once the contract is signed, the buyer’s agent has a full understanding of the obligations of the buyer and is able to see them through.

Utilising our services ensures that you are confidently provided with wise advice that minimises costly mistakes.

Buyer’s agent’s experience

 A highly professional buyer’s agent will be fully qualified and experienced. When searching for an accomplished agent, be aware that they should have adequate experience and the following academic qualifications:

  • Completed an agent’s representative course. This is usually a TAFE qualification completed over 5 days.
  • Certificate IV in Property Services. This is for senior employees and principal agents, (full real estate license)
  • The agency needs to be licensed for the company they are operating under
  • A minimum of 1 year working in real estate with selling property


The public register provided by Consumer Affairs Victoria is a viable way of verifying whether or not the agent is fully qualified for the role. Wise Real Estate Advice’s buyer’s agents are fully qualified and experienced in the property market.

A good buyer’s agent will have a personalised and in depth understanding of the real estate market. A few good signs to indicate whether or not a buyer’s agent is professional and the right agent for you are:

  • The buyer’s agent owning property or an investment themselves
  • A thorough understanding of the building process
  • A number of real customer reviews on external websites
  • Great knowledge of the local market
  • A member of a real estate association

At Wise Real Estate Advice, you can rest assured that all qualifications and experience have been fulfilled and the utmost care is given when assisting a buyer.

More info on our qualifications. 


Many buyers wonder whether a buyer’s agent with a fixed fee is preferred to one on commission. At Wise Real Estate Advice, we believe that offering a 6-month flat fixed contract for our services is the most beneficial option for the buyer and ensures an unbiased service. A buyer’s agent that receives commission may be incentivised to buy a property at a higher price, which in turn contradicts their effort to represent and support you. A fixed rate, however, covers all the client’s needs regardless of the price bracket, degree of difficulty or search criteria.

We provide two services:

  • Fully serviced buyer’s agent

This plan utilises our expert buyer’s agents knowledge to search and recommend listings, inspect properties and conduct detailed due-diligence including a video of the inspection, market appraisal and an outlined negotiation plan. Finally, the last step is the negotiation via private treaty or auction until a property is purchased. The fee remains fixed regardless of how many negotiations are conducted or auctions attended.


  • Negotiate only plan

This plan does not include a property search, but rather to assist in the later steps. Our service includes a video inspection with details outlining features and maintenance, market appraisal, negotiation plan, negotiation via private treaty or auction until a property is purchased. The fee remains fixed regardless of how many negotiations are conducted or auctions attended.


More info on our fees and plans. 

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