Buyer’s Agents Melbourne

A skilled buyers agent knows only 5% of the properties available in the Melbourne marketplace present effective investment opportunities.

Wise can help you select the right property, reduce your risk, attract premium tenants, maximise capital growth and most importantly pay a fair market value for a great property. 

Our fully serviced agency will manage the whole buying process for you: 

  • Property recommendation & selection. 
  • Market appraisal / Due Diligence 
  • Negotiate by auction or private treaty. 
  • Help with the settlement process. 

Fixed Fees / No Commissions. 

The world of hiring buyers agents can be a tricky with unforeseen cost to the client. Below is a quick reference guide of what to look out for when it comes to paying a buyers advocates service. 

When choosing a buyers agent, look out for: 

  • Fixed fees, until a property is purchased.
  • No commissions or percentages.
  • Only use a fully serviced buyers agents covering your for property search, evaluating and negotiating via auction or private treaty.

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Three Reason Why Buyer’s Agents Give You An Advantage 


1. Experience That Saves You Time & MoneyHappy buyers agents customers picture

Our Buyer’s Agents / Buyers Advocates all have multi-investment property portfolios. They are experienced Melbourne based Real Estate Agents that are qualified by the Real Estate Institute of Victoria and monitored by the Business Licence Authority. An experienced buyers agent understand’s Melbourne real estate market conditions and won’t just work from your requirements, but will consider best practice how to optimise your shortlist based on their experience.

Our market knowledge will purchase you a great value property that minimises rental vacancy rates and achieves a higher rate of capital growth. Mark, company founder.  

2. Negotiating strategy

Whether the selling method is auction or private treaty, our property selection process determines a walk away point. This avoids mistakes on over capitalising and emotional purchasing errors. 

We also offer advice about other matters, such as the desired rent, whether the property will attract tenants, and any capital expenses or repairs that will need to carried out in order to attract tenants at the desired rent. It could be a Self-Managed Superfund investment, a positive or negatively geared property or a renovation with subdivision / dual occupancy potential. 

3. Access to off market listings: 

With agents located all across inner Melbourne we are able to assist clients in every area. We have a strong network in inner city, northerneastern and south-eastern Melbourne, with a strong track record of successful purchases. More info on off market listings.

Formulated Buying Process


What’s the best suburb and property for you?

Tailored to your budget and criteria, we match up and recommend Melbourne’s best real estate. You’re leveraging from our experience, choosing only the very best real estate on or off the market.


Create a short list of the high growth properties.

Our buyer’s agents have inspected thousands of properties over their career. Our trained eyes sift through the problem properties that can negatively impact your long-term capital growth.


Discovery what the property is really worth.

There is where we do all the due diligence on the property, provide a detailed report on what a comparable property’s have sold for and set a maximum, walk away budget for the property.

Negotiate & Purchase

Our buyers agents submit offers or bid at auction for you. 

This is where a buyers agent provides the most value. Though negotiation (auction or private treaty) we make sure you don’t over pay for the property. In most cases we save our clients tens of thousands of dollars.