Buyers Agent Melbourne

Situated in the central hub of Melbourne, the Wise Buyers Agents team boasts over two decades of experience in the local real estate industry.

As property owners, investors, developers, renovators, and fully licensed real estate agents, we adhere to the principle of not recommending anything to you unless we have personally experienced it ourselves.

Our expertise provides you, the buyer, a competitive and financial edge, minimizing the risk of purchasing undesirable properties.

Our Approach to Property Acquisition

Throughout the entire process, you will work with the same dedicated buyer’s agent who specializes in the Melbourne property market; you won’t be delegated to an assistant.

The Search 

You will receive a weekly email update featuring both on and off-market properties, specifically tailored to meet your property buying criteria.

Utilizing our extensive experience, we carefully curate a shortlist comprised solely of the finest property listings in Melbourne, aiming to simplify the process of property ownership for you.

Property Inspection.

Every property inspection we conduct is recorded with accompanying commentary. We assess the effectiveness of the property floor plan, the quality of fixtures and fittings, preventive maintenance, and identify visible structural defects.

Our exterior inspections provide a comprehensive 360-degree view of the property, capturing ground-level perspectives, aerial views using drones, and street views of neighbouring properties.

Property Negotiation.

Your buyer’s agent will customize and communicate a bidding strategy crafted to save you money and exert pressure on the competition. Each negotiation is guided by a predetermined walk-away budget, always aligned with market value.

We specialize in all the methods that real estate agents employ to sell properties, including auctions, private negotiations, and sales by set date.

Every property negotiation will require a different approach to negotiation. Our bag of tactics also covers pre auction offers, post auction offers and complex private negotiations.

You won’t have to engage with any real estate agents in person; your buyer’s agent will handle the representation and manage the entire process for you.

Property Management.

Our in-house rental team, Property Managers Melb, provides a comprehensive one-stop-shop for property investors. With a track record spanning since 2014, managing over 200 of our clients rents, specialize in leasing and managing rentals within the Melbourne property market.

Leverage Our Network.

We can recommend a team of specialists whom we personally utilize ourselves, including building and pest inspectors, lawyers and conveyancers, mortgage brokers, builders, and property renovators.

How much do we charge? 

Rest assured, our fees are fixed, providing security and consistency regardless of your budget and expenditure.

All our plans include a 6-month term, during which we will attend as many auctions or private inspections as necessary to achieve your goal of buying a property.

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Let’s have a chat. 

You can schedule a complimentary, no-obligation strategy session to discuss your situation by filling out our appointment form to the right of this page. Alternatively, feel free to contact us directly at +61 3 9108 4266.