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Why Victoria?

Around the world, Victoria is renowned as one of the safest property markets for foreign investors globally.

Investors observe the attributes of a democratic society, prominent corporate brands, the stability of the Australian dollar, a consistently expanding population, and numerous accolades that designate Melbourne as the world’s most livable city.

This also renders the Victorian real estate market one of the priciest and most challenging to enter.

Locals entering the property market face challenges such as low property stock levels, navigating complexities with real estate agents and underquoting, participating in high-pressure property auctions, and the inherent risks of purchasing properties that may require extensive repairs.

Help buying property in Victoria

When acquiring the ideal property, it is imperative to invest in something that aligns with your needs and budget, features low maintenance costs to attract tenants, and holds promising prospects for future resale.

Purchasing Real Estate in the Victorian Property Market

Acquiring a property in Victoria can be a demanding, necessitating a significant amount of experience, and it’s an endeavor that many of us undertake only a few times in our lives.

Being aware of the ideal location within your budget, ensuring the chosen area is conducive to capital growth, tenant attraction, and holds future potential for increased value.

A Buyers Agent can play a pivotal role in aiding you for a variety of reasons, such as:

  1. Unpleasant experiences with Real Estate Agents.
  2. Frustration with the time and effort involved in property transactions.
  3. Confusion about how, when, and where to buy a house.

Questions like “Is it structurally sound?”, “Am I paying too much?”, or “Do I pay what the agent is asking?” are ever-present in the buyer’s mind, and our Buyer’s Advocates/Buyers Agents can provide answers and assistance throughout the process.

A Buyer’s agent can manage the entire buying process for you or handle specific stages that you may prefer to delegate.

Our buyers agents can help you purchase a home with confidence by guiding you through each step, including selecting the home, conducting a market appraisal, and negotiating or bidding at auctions.

Summary of a buyers agents service. 

Step 1: Build Your Search Criteria

This includes suburb selection, establishing your property requirements and budget expectations to live market listings.

You will receive a weekly email with a short list new properties to market. The property’s you select will create an inspection list.

Fortnightly face to face or zoom meetings to discuss criteria. 

Step 2: Property Inspections & Due Diligence 

We will provide you with inspection videos of every property we visit.

Comments within the video will cover a property’s structural integrity of the interior and exterior building, potential maintenance issues, quality of finish, street view / neighbouring properties etc.

A written market value based on current market conditions. Our due diligence will include a rental appraisal by our sister company Property Managers Melb.

Assist with paperwork review (contract of sale and section 32’s) assist with building and pest inspection.

Review findings from contract reviews & building and pest report.  

Step 3: Represent you at auction or a private negotiation. 

Establish a bidding strategy, manage a negotiation via auction or private treaty.
Assist with the final inspection.

More information on our service.

How much do buyers agents charge?

We charge a fixed-rate fee, irrespective of your budget, providing peace of mind. With a 6-month property buying contract, we will recommend, inspect, and negotiate properties until you successfully make a purchase within that time frame.

Our fee is broken up into 2 parts:

Part 1: an engagement fee that is a non-refundable deposit that is paid up front, normally 25% of the total fee.

Part 2: The balance is paid only on successful purchase. If you don’t buy , you don’t pay. 

More information on our plans and pricing.

What do our customer have to say?  

We service clients from all walks of life with different buying needs. Home buyers, down sizers, expats & investors.

Our aim is to buy you the best property at or below market value and through the process give you a 5 star experience.

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Profile of Victoria

Victoria is a state in the south-east of Australia. Victoria is Australia’s most densely populated state and its second-most populous state overall. The 2011 Australian census reported that Victoria had 5,354,042 people resident at the time of the census.

Buyer's Agent Victoria

Roads: The Victorian road network services the population centres, with highways generally radiating from Melbourne and other major cities and rural centres with secondary roads interconnecting the highways to each other.

Rail transport in Victoria is provided by several private and public railway operators who operate over government-owned lines.

Major operators include: Electrified, passenger system run throughout Melbourne and suburbs; diesel operated trains operate in major regional centres. Long distance services which operate freight services The Overland Melbourne—Adelaide; and NSW TrainLink which operates Melbourne to Sydney.

Air ports: Victoria features one international airport, Melbourne Airport and a number of smaller domestic air ports (Avalon Airport, Essendon Airport & Moorabbin Airport

For more information on Victorian future infrastructure projects that are underway visit the Victorias Big Build site. 


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