Two Lot Subdivision

Using our Buyer’s Agents you are able to develop property and capture wholesale profit margins, even if you have no experience with development or have little time to manage a project yourself. 

Be it for your current premises or a home on the market, our wise experience will help you in achieving your ‘subdivision vision’. From granny flats to a multi-unit site,  our buyers advocate / buyers agent’s resources will ensure a smooth journey from obtaining council permits right through to completion.


A property investor came to WREA wanting to purchase an investment property that was positively geared in the Melbourne metropolitan area.

After researching the Melbourne market we found a property that had a double dwelling potential would be best suited to our client.  A simple renovation of the existing property and construction of a two bedroom unit at the rear was all the work that needed to be done. Once completed, selling the front unit would give the owner a positively geared investment property at which our client was a happy customer!

Unit one sold in two weeks: real estate.com.au

Unit two leased for $300 per week making the unit two a positively geared property.

Total Outlay: $460,000.   Market Value at the time of sale: $600,000. Start to Finish 26 months.

On the market again:           1/9 Maplehurst Avenue Hoppers Crossing.                   2/9 Maplehurst Avenue Hoppers Crossing.

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buyers agent subdivision 3

buyers agent subdivision