The Best Buyers Agents in Melbourne

Every buyer possesses unique purchasing requirements, just as each buyer’s agent brings a distinct skill set to the table. Therefore, Melbourne’s best buyer’s agent may not necessarily be the ideal choice for your specific requirements.

Our easy guide to help you research and qualify your buyer’s agent to ensure they meet your specific needs.

Evaluating a Buyer’s Agent’s Expertise

To assess their competence, consider asking specific questions such as ‘what recent deals have they successfully closed’ and ‘in what ways have they added value to the buying process?’

Ask targeted questions that can reveal their experience, expertise, and suitability for your needs. Here are some questions you might consider:

  • How long have you been working as a buyer’s agent?
  • Can you provide examples of recent deals you have closed?
  • Have you ever worked as a real state agent in the Melbourne property market?
  • Can you share an example of a difficult negotiation you handled and how you achieved a favorable outcome?
  • What strategies do you typically use to negotiate the best terms and prices?
  • How do you tailor your services to meet individual client needs?
  • Can you describe a situation where you had to adapt your approach to meet a client’s unique requirements?
  • How will you communicate with me during the buying process?
  • What is your availability like? How do you handle multiple clients simultaneously?
  • Do you have access to off-market properties?
  • What kind of professional network do you have (e.g.: real estate agents, building and pest inspectors, conveyancers or

Watch out for buyers agent that charge a percentage of sale rather than a fixed rate. 

  • What sets you apart from other buyer’s agents?
  • What unique value can you bring to my property search and purchase?

The Best Buyers Agents in Melbourne

Fully Licensed for Property Purchasing and Selling in Melbourne

Each real estate agent must complete a minimum 1 year of experience working under a fully qualified agent. This is recorded on a public register maintained by Consumer Affairs Victoria.

This register will display the estate agents entire work history, if they’re fully licenced, licence number and any open disputes that consumer affairs are managing.

Local to Melbourne

Why does it matter to have an agent who’s locally based?

A buyer’s agent from Melbourne has a nuanced understanding of how real estate negotiations vary across states due to differing laws. They are adept at navigating these unique regulations and strategies used by selling agents.

Additionally, they possess deep knowledge about the demographics, reputations, and intricacies of different suburbs, along with a well-established network of local real estate contacts. Importantly, they should be licensed for real estate practices within that specific state.

Be cautious of: firms that excel in marketing and lead generation, often capturing your inquiries to sell to local buyer’s agents whom you have not vetted.

How to identify such companies? Their office may be based in a different state, even if their business name suggests they are local to your area.”


Positive customer reviews often reflect clients who have become enthusiastic endorsers of the service they received. Frequently, you’ll find the value propositions of the buyer’s agent echoed in these testimonials.

However, exercise caution with reviews posted directly on websites. It’s advisable to look for reviews on independent platforms, like Google Reviews, where manipulation is less likely due to stringent filters against dubious feedback.

Additionally, these reviews can provide insights into how long a buyer’s agent has been consistently serving clients, offering a timeline of their professional experience and reliability.

Importance of Sales Experience for a Buyer’s Agent

Having experience in property sales is an essential component of a buyer’s agent’s expertise. It equips them with first-hand knowledge of the strategies and tactics used by real estate agents, enhancing their ability to navigate the buying process effectively.

Consider the distinct roles of selling agents and buyer’s agents:

Roles of Selling Agents (Traditional Real Estate Agents):

    • Provide advisory services to sellers on preparing and marketing their property, including market appraisal and pricing.
    • Conduct open house inspections, manage buyer expectations, and oversee auction campaigns.
    • Negotiate with both buyers and sellers to secure the best terms and price for the seller.

Roles of Buyer’s Agents:

    • Ensure clients are prepared for purchase, including finance and establishing buying criteria.
    • Shortlist, inspect properties, and conduct due diligence.
    • Negotiate with real estate agents to secure the best terms and price for the buyer.

A top-tier buyer’s agent typically has experience in selling hundreds of homes. It’s also crucial they have worked through various real estate cycles, including both rising and falling markets.

Their approach to the market significantly differs based on whether it’s a seller’s or buyer’s market, highlighting the importance of adapt

ability and market awareness.


Engaging a buyer’s agent is about refining your property acquisition – ensuring you purchase the right property at the right price. An exceptional buyer’s agent aims to save you time and money while enhancing every aspect of your purchasing journey.

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