Vendor Advocacy Melbourne

Selling property can be a stressful, confusing and time consuming process. Propositions need to be carefully pondered and decisions, wisely made. Poor representation and bad advice can end up costing thousands, therefore impacting your capital gains. The best way to navigate through the journey is to select a vendor’s advocate to represent you, and your investments’ best interests.

The concept of a vendor’s advocate is a relatively new one on Australian soil. Comparatively, they have been around for decades in the US. Their counterparts, the buyer’s advocate, have been in Australia for around 15 years. Each have a specific role to play in property transactions, but which one do you need on your team?

Vendor’s advocates are independent of the real estate agent in that they don’t sell property themselves. They offer:

  • Written appraisals of the property, including comparative local sales, and other listings on the market to form an accurate market price range
  • Advice and recommendations on reputable local real estate agents
  • Advice on appropriate fees for the selling real estate agent
  • Recommend the best methods for selling the property
  • Advice about the marketing campaign
  • Examining and screening buyers offers



Skilled Vendor Advocates On Your Side

Our vendor advocates are skilled agents whose expertise lay exclusively in property transactions on the Melbourne market. With years of experience, we understand the intricacies that come with selecting a selling agent, listing, marketing, and ultimately, selling a property. We work to represent the vendor, and advocate for the best possible outcomes for you.


Independent review of your property

We meet with you and provide a written appraisal on the true market value of your property. This is based on sales in the local area, and other current listings on the market. We discuss ways that we believe you can maximize returns, and guide you towards achieving your investment goals.


Selecting a selling real estate agent

We gather quotes from three different agents, and help you to shortlist the best agent for your needs. We have a network of hand picked, quality, and reputable real estate agents who have been selected based on reasonable fee and commission structures, tenacity and reliable sales records. Where possible, we recommend these quality agents to our vendors.


Home staging

We can arrange for a professional property stylist to come out to your property to stage for selling. We understand that small cosmetic improvements to the floor plan, and cleverly placed furniture are some of the small things that can make an incredible difference to the feel of the property.


Professional photography

Our professional photographers specialize in property photography, and utilising their skills is part of the service we provide to get the marketing campaign off to a red-hot start.


Marketing campaign

We are experts at marketing, and utilize all our tools to ensure that your property is seen by the masses. We put the listing online, and market it on major real estate websites. By liaising with the real estate agent, we make sure all our marketing goals and being met, and we are on track to sell the property within the pre-arranged time frame.

The marketing campaign is essential in reaching a larger demographic of potential buyers. Buyers use a variety of advertising mediums in their property search. The selected agent will ideally use a broad range of outlets to market your property. Mr. Ribarsky says, “Advertising has changed over the last few years. Where we used to see lots of sign boards, and advertising in local newspapers, we have now seen the rise in the Internet and popular real estate websites as a common search tool. We have access to advertising on these lucrative sites, and believe that any agent selected must advertise via the Internet as well as through traditional methods, so as to not miss any audience.”

Utilizing a vendor’s advocate is particularly useful if you are needing impartial advice from someone who is on your team, and if you require someone to take care of everything for you. There is a need for vendor advocacy in Australia, and if you wish to receive the maximum return for your investment, why not consider hiring one today?


Reasons for using a Vendor’s AdvocateNegotiation with Buyers & Real Estate Agents

We know that an essential part of securing the best price in the sale of your property, is to have an expert negotiator on your side. We negotiate the settlement, conditions, and of course, price of your property for you.

There are so many real estate agents out there, but how do you know which one is the right one for you? Mr. Ribarsky says, “The real estate agent selection process is not one to be overlooked. I have worked in Real Estate for a long time now, and believe me, they will make or break your success!”

He goes on to say, “We believe that you should speak to at least three agents, and make your decision based on a few key points. These are; fees and commission structure, their valuation of the home, comparable sales in the area, what their pricing strategy is, the target market and what their marketing strategy is. We have a few key contacts in the real estate business, and our network of agents who we deal with regularly is the best of the best. They have been selected based on their merit and ability to achieve optimal results.”

Tying up ends

We are here to support you, right through to the settlement. We can organize removalist quotes, cleaning, and even arrange for the power to be disconnected.


Our fees are included in the selling agents fees. There is no extra cost to you, at all.