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We source, negotiate & purchase Melbourne’s best real estate for you. 


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Put Your Best Foot Forward

 We locate and negotiate properties for you acting purely in your best interest. We focus on residential & investment properties, so you can be confident that all our time is spent researching the market that you are buying in. Our property buyers have extensive experience, superior negotiating skills and exclusive access to everything on the market, even silent listings.

Off Market Listings

An off-market sale is a term used to define a property that is for sale without public advertising. With agents located all across Melbourne we are able to assist our clients to access these kind of property sale. 

Auctions, We Bid For You. 

Our Buyers Advocates will spare you the stress, uncertainty and emotional attachment which is associated with any auction process. We will be your own personal representative at property auctions to enter bidding on your behalf and relentlessly try to secure the property of your choice at the lowest possible price 

Fixed Fees

Our fixed rate covers our clients until a property is purchased regardless of how many auctions or private negotiations it takes, regardless of the buyers budget. The responsibility is on our buyers agents to provide a high quality service that is paid on performance. Our clients say ‘we make buying easy.’ 

First Home Buyers

Moving towards property ownership is equal parts exciting and confusing. The process in unlike almost any other and with so many different factors to consider there is always the question in the back of your mind as to whether you are making the right decision. Our buyers agents will help you through the whole process, step by step. 

Interstate and Expat Buyers

We help interstate and overseas investors purchase real estate anywhere in Melbourne. We purchase a property that’s tailored to your needs, at the lowest price with the best conditions, regardless of where you live. 

Positive Gear Property & SMSF

Looking for a different investment strategy? We can prospect properties for self managed super funds, development projects or property that has the potential for future sub-division. 

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5 Reasons Why To Chose A Wise Buyers Agent


A buyers agent looks out for your best interest. 

Don’t over pay for real estate.

 More negotiating power.

Save you time, money & stress.

Access to property that’s off market. 


 Frequently Asked Questions

 Our property advocates taylor a buying plan to your needs! We endeavour to give you a buying shortlist of suitable properties within the week of you signing up. In our experience, most buyers find and purchase a suitable property in between 4 to 6 weeks.

Professional buyer advocates are trained real estate professionals who know how to negotiate the best sale price and conditions.

  • Access to off market listings. 
  • Use their expertise to help you find properties that have promising capital growth potential.
  • Use their experience to help you make the right decision from 1000’s of properties on the market.
  • Stop you from over paying for real estate. 

Our buyers agents have been buying property’s for over 20 years, we understand the key factors that effect capital growth and apply this when selecting the right area.

  • Target suburbs around premium suburbs.
  • Close to infrastructure.
  • Future potential of sub-division.
  • Structurally sound property.
  • We reject 95% of the properties on the market. 

Tell us what you need and we’ll do the rest

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