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With exclusive access to everything on the market Wise Realestate Advice can find you the commercial property to purchase that meets all your business or investment needs.

There are many different things to consider when purchasing a commercial property. Any oversights or mistakes made due to inexperience can cost investors greatly. A buyers agent from Wise Realestate Advice considers things such as, the rental yield, the tenant type, length of lease and fit-out of the building as this affects the value of a property. They can also assist in the complex transaction and negotiations involved.

  Types of Commercial Real Estate

Central Business District (CBD). Office buildings located in the central business district are in the heart of Melbourne. These buildings would include high-rises.

Suburban office buildings. This includes low rise buildings located outside of a city centre in industrial pockets of a suburb, eg: Laverton or Dandenong. Cities will also often have suburban office parks which assemble several different midrise buildings into a campus-like setting.


Retail strips. Individual speciality shops that occupy the main street of a suburb, such as chemists, hairdressers, banks, real estate agencies and restaurants. This type of commercial property also attracts small corporates like Lawyers or Government departments.

Shopping Centres / Plazas. Medium to Large undercover shopping strips that occupy tenants such as department stores or large retailers like K Mart, Woolworths or Myers. There is also a mixtures of speciality shops like hairdressers, restaurants or fast food outlets etc. An example in Melbourne would be High Point shopping centre or Chadstone shopping centre.  


Full service hotels. Full service hotels are usually located in central business districts or tourist areas, and include the big name flags like the Hilton.

Service apartments / hotels. Hotels in the limited service category are usually boutique properties eg: Quest apartments. Accommodation targets overnight visits or short / long stays or holidays, ideal for both the corporate and leisure traveller.

Special purpose commercial real estate normally located in suburban areas this type of commercial lease varies, and example of this is self-storage units, car washes, bowling alleys, hall rentals / community centres and nursing homes, medical clinics, and fast food restaurants.


Light Assembly. These structures are much simpler than the above heavy manufacturing properties, and usually can be easily reconfigured. Typical uses include storage, product assembly, and office space.

Small Warehouse. Flexible space is industrial property that can be easily converted and normally includes a mix of both industrial and office space.

Bulk Warehouse. These properties are very large. Often these properties are used for regional distribution of products and require easy access by trucks entering and exiting highway systems.

Heavy manufacturing. This category of industrial property is really a special use category that most large manufacturer’s would fall under. These types of properties are heavily customized with machinery for the end user, and usually require substantial renovation to re-purpose for another tenant.

Agricultural Land –  Rural property that is used for farming animals, food etc. The land is normally classified as a green wedge zone and can only be used for a specific purpose.

Commercial vs Residential Property investing

Most investors feel comfortable with residential property investment because it is usually something they are familiar with, if it be a house, a unit, an apartment

A large number of people have also rented property at some point in their lives, so they have some understanding of residential property investment – at least from the tenant’s perspective.

Commercial property is not so well known. If you do not run a business from a commercial building, most people are unfamiliar with commercial leases, GST implications and who is responsible for the building’s expenses.

Investing in residential property is relatively low risk and, therefore, low return. Commercial property usually has a higher return but also a higher risk. For example, a flat or unit will average a return of 5% return whereas industrial property, such as a warehouse, might average 8%.

More and more investors are adding a commercial property to their residential portfolio as the rental yield is generally greater. This creates a strong income and diversifies an investor’s 

Commercial Real Estate Advocatesproperty portfolio. 

The Risks Involved

  • Paying a larger deposit to lenders with repayments being at a higher interest rate.
  • Commercial properties are also susceptible to having higher vacancy periods. Some properties can take several months to find a new tenant.
  • Commercial properties involve more complex legislation and therefore litigation is more common. This can often become very expensive.

Despite the risks, if you buy the right commercial property you can benefit from a higher rental income, longer leases from stable tenants and fewer out of pocket expenses such as rates, insurance and maintenance as these are usually paid by the tenant. 

Commercial Buyers Agents Giving Investors An Edge

An experienced commercial buyers agent understand’s Melbourne  real estate market conditions and won’t just work from your requirements, but will consider best practice how to optimise your shortlist based on their experience.

This will save you time, money and stress in the long run – reducing your chances of making an ill-informed investment decision.

Our Step By Step Process

  • Assess buyer’s portfolio requirements.
  • Target commercial property with maximum capital growth and provide the buyer with detailed reporting on the selected property and its suburb.
  • Obtain both the market value and the rental returns of the property.
  • Negotiate a fair market value and terms with the seller.
  • Recommend building inspectors, advise competent legal representation and attend the final inspection.
  • Finding tenants and managing your investment property.

Commercial Property Melbourne.jpgAs any investment decision, it’s important to weigh up all of your circumstances and take advice from trusted professionals before you decide whether buying commercial property is suitable for you. Wise Real Estate Advice team of commercial buyers agents and residential buyers agent property experts understand that real estate decisions affect your future and we are here to help you make the right choices.

Whether you are an investor, developer or occupier we provide a breadth of specialised services to provide solutions to manage your property requirements and enhance your investments.
From office towers and hotels to retail centres, rural retreats, retirement villages and residential developments, our team offer knowledge and expertise across all commercial property sectors.