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Using a buyers advocate to get into Melbourne’s booming real estate market can be a difficult process that many of us only undertake a few times in our lives. A Buyers Advocate or Buyers agent can assist for a variety of reasons including:


  • Undesirable experiences with Real Estate Agents.
  • Frustration with the time and effort involved in property transactions.
  • Confusion about how, when and where to buy a house.
  • Buying the best property to maximise capital growth 


Questions such as “is it structurally sound?”, “am I paying too much?” or “do I pay what the agent is asking?” are never far from the buyer’s mind and can all be answered with the assistance of our Buyer’s Advocates / Buyers agents.


A Buyer’s Advocate  can manage the entire buying process for you or simply manage the stages you would prefer to avoid.


Using a buyers agent.


About Our Buyers Advocates. 

Our Buyers Advocates all have multi-investment property portfolios. They are experienced real estate agents that are qualified by the Real Estate Institute Of  Victoria and monitored by the Business Licence Authority
To better understand your needs and goals, our buyers agent’s engage in an active consultation session which aims to identify exactly what you are looking for. Each step has a core focus on support, from initial consultation all the way through to settlement. The process involves:
  • Applying an extensive suburb search and targeting the best available properties, based on your requirements.
  • Determining the true market value of the selected properties.
  • Submitting offers, negotiating the best price and closing the deal.
  • Corresponding with the selling agent on your behalf.
  • Recommending building inspectors, advising competent legal representation and attending the final inspection.

Our fixed rate covers our clients until a property is purchased regardless of how many auctions or private negotiations it takes. The responsibility is on our buyers agents to provide a high quality service that is paid on performance. Our clients say ‘we make buying easy.’ More information on our fees.

Many Byers Advocates claim to have all the skill-set necessary to act as a professional real estate buyer. Before hiring someone to represent you, it is important to qualify who you are dealing with to ensure you are in good hands and getting great value for money. More information on buyers advocate qualifications. 

With real estate agents located all across Melbourne we are able to assist clients in every area. We have a strong network in inner city, northern, eastern and south-eastern Melbourne, with a strong track record of successful off market purchases. More information to off-market listings. 

Wise Real Estate Advice is fully committed to providing the best possible service for our customers. Google Reviews  or Website reviews. 

Overview Of The Service


Buyers advocate typically offer two types of services to help you find the ideal property or investment property. A fully serviced buyers agent manage the whole process form property to selection to closing the deal.

  • Customise a search criteria too your needs.
  •  Inspect and short-list suitable properties.
  •  Market appraises recent sales data and provide a written appraisal.
  • Provide a rental market appraisal (for investors).
  •  Arrange building inspections and pest inspections.
  •  Negotiate a fair market price and terms through auction or private treaty.
  •  Oversee the contracts and exchange
  •  Pre-settlement inspections
  • Finding tenants and managing your investment property.

More information on buyers agents service. 

Download a FREE Home Buyers Guide, an easy to understand booklet designed to help you through the process of buying. Your copy of the property buyer’s guide can be downloaded here.


What’s the best suburb for my budget? What type of property suits me?

Based on your budget and criteria, we match up and recommend Melbourne’s best real estate. You’re leveraging from our experience, choosing only the very best real estate on or off the market.


What do you look for during an open for inspection?

Our first homebuyer’s agents have inspected thousands of properties over their career. Our trained eyes sift through the problem properties that can minimise your long-term capital growth.


What is the market value of the property?

We provide a detailed report on what a comparable property’s have sold for and set a maximum, walk away beget for the property.

Negotiate & Purchase

How do I submit and offer or bid at auction? 

This is where a first homebuyers agent provides the most value. Though negotiation (auction or private treaty) we make sure you don’t over pay for the property. In most cases we save our clients tens of thousands of dollars.

6 Benefits Of Using A Buyers Agent. 

When it comes to Melbourne Real Estate, Time = Money.
In 2017 the real estate market grew in value by 10%, in some areas it increased by over 20%. 

Melbourne’s median house price tipped $850K. So if the average buyer can spend over 6 months trying to purchase a property the increase in cost, over 6 months, is approximately $45K due to property capital growth.

Although by using a buyers agent like Mark Ribarsky, the owner of Wise Real Estate Advice, claims an average purchase cycle can only take approximately 6 weeks, in most cases.

2. Negotiating A Great Price:
Real estate agents are employed to look after the interest of the vendor (seller).

They are experienced in handling many sales every month. Hence negotiating with buyers that only purchase one property every 10 or 20 years is like a young, fit pro boxer versing an amateur.

Buyer’s agents level out the playing field by:

  • Understanding true market value
  • Knowing the market’s supply and demand of property
  • The ability to not be clouded by emotional attachment
  • Experienced in negotiating.

Most importantly, they’re employed to look after the interest of the buyer, not the vendor.

3. Access to Off Market Property
Off market listings is real estate that’s for sale with no public marketing campaign. Real estate agents are a great source of this type of listing as they appraise many homes, weekly. Buyers agents leverage their relationships with selling agents to favor their clients by reducing bidding competition.

4. They Bid At Auctions, Not You.
If you have ever had to bid at auction you understand the true meaning of butterflies-in-your-stomach. Buyer’s agents approach this type of negotiating with an auction plan. A pre-set budget, bidding style, strategy, no emotional attachment and the ability to negotiate selling terms after an auction has closed.

If an auction ‘passes in’ this means a reserve price is not achieved on the day, hence property is not sold and reverts to a private sale property.  A buyer’s agent knows how to win the front seat of bidding immediately after auction closes to negotiate and close a sale.

5. How Much to Hire A Buyer Advocate?
Fees/Prices can vary across agents, this will depend on the level of service they provide. Hence, it’s worth shopping around to understand the value each advocate offers. 

It’s wise in any type of transaction to hire people that work for a fixed fee. This makes the relationship clear and removes incentives that lie around rolling or percentage fee structures.

6. What experience should a buyer’s agent have?
Mark Ribarsky always asks sales people if they have ever purchased the product they’re selling, if not, why not? Using this example, it’s fair to ask does the Buyer’s advocate own property him/herself.

Owning property gives every owner experience in balancing a mortgage and getting an insight into capital growth.

It’s important your advocate to have worked as a real estate agent

To be able to negotiate with selling agents it’s important for your advocate to have worked in the real estate industry selling homes. This helps an advocate understand what the seller is going though dealing with their agent and how to leverage the whole process to a buyers advantage.

The exprience will also help you leverage there network of connections, from the best local building inspector to a high quality conveyancer. 

It’s important to check the prospective agents license. Consumer Affairs Victoria provide an online public register, which provides access to information about licensed estate agents and agents’ representatives free of change. 

Make The Right Decision

Your home will likely be one of the most important purchases you ever make and it should therefore be a smart, thought out investment. A good buyers advocate will help you do everything possible to make sure your house appreciates in value over time and that you get a solid return on your purchase.

With a professional buyer’s agent on your side, you’ll be able to sleep easier, enjoying your dream home and knowing that you’ve made an intelligent choice both for now and for the future.

At Wise Real Estate Advice, we ensure all boxes are ticked and that sincere care is taken when providing a buyer with the wise advice and action required throughout the buying process. To speak to one of our friendly buyer’s agents click here to fill out an enquiry form or just simply call us on 1300 00 WISE.



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