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Buying a property in Ashburton can be a difficult process that many of us only undertake a few times in our lives. A Buyers Advocate or Buyers agent can assist for a variety of reasons including:

  • undesirable experiences with Real Estate Agents.
  • frustration with the time and effort involved in property transactions.
  • Confusion about how, when and where to buy a house.

Questions such as “is it structurally sound?”, “am I paying too much?” or “do I pay what the agent is asking?” are never far from the buyer’s mind and can all be answered with the assistance of our Buyer’s Advocates / Buyers agents.

A Buyer’s Advocate  can manage the entire buying process for you or simply manage the stages you would prefer to avoid.

Getting your weekends back by applying our wise experience in finding your perfect home in Ashburton.

We can help you purchase a home with confidence as we guide you through each step from selecting the home (access to off market listings), market appraisal, negotiate or bid at auctions.

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About Ashburton 

Ashburton is thought to be named after the ship Lord Ashburton which arrived in Australia from Great Britain in 1850. Another view is that the suburb is an offshoot of Ashburton Terrace in Cork, Ireland, the birthplace of local politician and ex-councillor Dillon.

Ashburton is a south-eastern suburb located 12km away from Melbourne’s CBD and wedged between Black Rock and Mentone.

It offers the most beautiful and quaint period homes whilst merging considerately with luxurious modern homes. It is a perfect blend of community & lifestyle and enables professionals’ brilliant access to the city and surrounds at the same time.

The predominant age group in Ashburton is 40-49 years. Households in Ashburton are primarily couples with children, allowing them to enjoy the 6 parks covering nearly 8.1% of the total area.

Ashburton has an active strip shopping centre along High Street, two train stations and contains a branch of the Boroondara Library, helping to achieve a median home price increase of 6.06%.

Buyers Agents Ashburton

Distance to Melbourne: 10km North West Of Melbourne.

Public Transport: Trains  & Buses.

Number Of Schools: 4

Access to Free Ways: Monash Freeway.

Homes: period homes – some Deco, some weatherboard, many renovated with heritage gardens.

Surrounding suburbs: Malvern East, Chadstone, Burwood, Camberwell, Glen Iris and Ashwood.

Questions about property management? 

Wise Real Estate Advice help’s you build your wealth by offering the best property management services available because we all own our own investment properties. We lease and manage residential investment properties throughout metropolitan Melbourne.