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Buying a property in Collingwood can be a difficult process that many of us only undertake a few times in our lives. A Buyers Advocate or Buyer’s agent can assist for a variety of reasons including:undesirable experiences with Real Estate Agents.

  • frustration with the time and effort involved in property transactions.
  • confusion about how, when and where to buy a house.

Questions such as “is it structurally sound?”, “am I paying too much?” or “do I pay what the agent is asking?” are never far from the buyer’s mind and can all be answered with the assistance of our Buyer’s Advocates / Buyers agents.

A Buyer’s Advocate  can manage the entire buying process for you or simply manage the stages you would prefer to avoid.

Getting your weekends back by applying our wise experience in finding your perfect home in Collingwood.

We can help you purchase a home with confidence as we guide you through each step from selecting the home (access to off market listings), market appraisal, negotiate or bid at auctions.

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About Collingwood


Melbourne’s earliest suburbs Collingwood and Fitzroy were first known as Newtown. In 1842, Newtown was renamed Collingwood, possibly after the Collingwood Hotel, which was named after the British admiral who succeeded Nelson at Trafalgar.

Collingwood is an inner-city suburb of Melbourne, 3km north-east of the CBD. It is one of the oldest suburbs in Melbourne and is bordered by Smith Street, Alexandra Parade, Hoddle Street and Victoria Parade.

The suburb’s housing consists of a large number of high-rise housing commission flats and a number of older single and double-storey former workers cottages on small subdivisions. More recently, older warehouses and factories have been converted into fashionable apartments and there have also been more modern townhouse developments.

Transport within Collingwood consists of mainly narrow one-way streets. Major tramlines include tram routes 109 and 86, with the Collingwood railway station located in the neighbouring suburb Abbotsford.

Buyer's Agent Collingwood

Distance to Melbourne: 3km North East Of Melbourne.

Public Transport: Trains (Collingwood Station & Victoria Park) & Buses.

Number Of Schools: 3

Access to Free Ways: None.

Surrounding suburbs: Abbotsford, Fitzroy, East Melbourne, Clifton Hill

Questions about property management? 

We help you build your wealth by offering the best property management services available because we all own our own investment properties. We lease and manage residential investment properties throughout metropolitan Melbourne.

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