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Buyer’s Agent’s Levelling the Playing Field

In a strong selling market, everything in a selling campaign is geared in the vendor’s (sellers) favour. For example:

  • Marketing tools like realestate.com.au maximising property exposure.
  • Campaign strategy geared towards forcing buyers to increase their best offer.
  • Short 4 week selling campaign’s using high pressure auctions.
  • Selling agent using sophisticated negotiation techniques.
  • Agency providing ongoing training programs that ensure agents get the best sales result.

In addition to the above buyer’s have to consider buying the right property for there needs:

  • Will the property appricate with market growth in the area?
  • Is the property structurally sound?
  • Time is money, how long will it take to secure a property when prices are increase every week.
  • Will the property achieve good rental yields?
  • Will future infrstructure projects effect property prices.

Buyer Beware!

How can Buyer's Agents Help You?

The principal of Wise Real Estate Advice, Mark Ribarsky, says ‘large sums being paid for property make a strong argument for buyers to seek informed advice to minimise exposure to potential problems.’

“It’s rare for someone to buy $40,000 worth of shares without any professional guidance and yet property buyer’s in the Melbourne are constantly spending more than that on stamp duty alone without any professional input,”

A buyer’s agent represents the buyer whom over sees or manages  the search, negotiation and settlement of a property. This helps the buyer avoid months of inspections, dealing with often elusive sales agents and turning up at countless auctions to see it sell well above advertised selling ranges.

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