Customer Testimonies

Ultimately, the people we service matter most. Our buyers agents are always happy to hear what our customers have to say and thought that we would share some customer comments with you.


Using a Buyer’s Agent

Whilst the buying process is often perceived as daunting and complex, a Wise Buyers Advocate / Buyer’s Agent will help you purchase a home with confidence. We will assist at every step from selecting a home, getting a market appraisal, negotiating or bidding at auctions and during the settlement process.


Bidding At Auction

Our Buyers Agents will spare you the uncertainty and emotional attachment which is associated with any auction process. We will be your own representative bidding on your behalf and relentlessly try to secure the property of your choice at the lowest possible price.

Buyers Agents Melbourne 

Fully licensed and independent buyers agents, we locate and negotiate properties for you acting purely in your best interest. We focus only on residential investments properties, so you can be confident that all our time is spent researching the market that you are buying in.

Our property advisors have extensive experience, superior negotiating skills and exclusive access to everything on the market, even silent listings, we offer buyers professional support and a truly competitive advantage.


Property Negotiators Melbourne

You find the property and we negotiate! Buying a property can be stressful, leverage our wise experience and independent property negotiator or auction bidder to tip the scales in your favour.


Smart Property Investment

Our extensive  investment experience will put you on the path to a portfolio without the headaches! Based on your goals our Buyers agents / Buyers advocates will find you the most suitable investment properties on the market, saving you time & money. Our wise advice can reduce risk and maximise your capital growth.

Property Management Melbourne

Property Management

The way your investment property’s managed can make a difference to your rental income and capital growth of your investment. At Wise Real Estate Advice our service sets us apart from the other mass produced Property Management agencies in the market. That’s where the difference lies. 

Our Wise buyers advocates have sorted through the abundance of daily property news to bring you the most relevant articles to Melbourne property market. From interest rate decisions to market speculation, you’ll find it here. Make a wise call and check out our Real Estate News page.

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Stunning Victoria Terrace Continues to Amaze

22nd Of November, 2017, By Mark Ribarsky.

Our buyers agents shows us how Victoria Terrace houses are still continue to amaze us with their beauty. We also look at their pros & cons.

Top 5 Tips to Secure Top Property

17th Of November, 2017, By Mark Ribarsky.

So, what is the key to making a prior offer on a property? The following are a buyers agents 5 tips helping you stay competitive.


Property Buyers Guide

Download a FREE Home Buyers Guide, an easy to understand booklet designed to help you through the process of buying. Your copy of the property buyer’s guide can be downloaded here.

Our property advocates taylor a buying plan to your needs! We endeavour to give you a buying shortlist of suitable properties within the week of you signing up. In our experience, most buyers find and purchase a suitable property in between 4 to 6 weeks.

Professional buyer advocates are trained real estate professionals who know how to negotiate the best sale price and conditions.

  • Access to off market listings. 
  • Use their expertise to help you find properties that have promising capital growth potential.
  • Use their experience to help you make the right decision from 1000’s of properties on the market.
  • Stop you from over paying for real estate. 

Our buyers agents have been buying property’s for over 20 years, we understand the key factors that effect capital growth and apply this when selecting the right area.

  • Target suburbs around premium suburbs.
  • Close to infrastructure.
  • Future potential of sub-division.
  • Structurally sound property.
  • We reject 95% of the properties on the market. 

Prior to purchasing the property you will be aware of the value of the investment property and what it can return on a weekly basis in rent.

About Our Property Buyers

We locate and negotiate investment properties at below market prices, then educate you on how to build and manage a strong and balanced property portfolio.

At Wise Real Estate Advice some properties make better investments than others. Our aim is to get you the right property, for the right price, with the right terms. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more info.