Renovators Case Study

Glen came to Wise Real Estate Advice looking for a property to flip. The strategy was targeting an old rundown house then renovate for profit.  Having a strict budget, we began a property hunt with the end goal in mind. Our team worked backwards starting with the final sale price of a renovated property, deducting the cost of renovation, fees/taxes and profit margin which gave us a shopping budget.

The criteria our buyers agents developed:

  • a renovators delight that’s structurally sound,

  • located within 7km of CBD,

  • quiet location, close access to cafes, public transport,

  • budget of around $800K,

  • a popular suburb that buyers will compete for. 


Brunswick Hentley St

After conducting an in-depth property search across inner Melbroune we targeted the Brunswick area. One of Melbroune’s most popular suburbs, known for it’s hip cafe’s, trams and retro real estate it made good business sense. Like with all property purchases, Wise Real Estate Advice always buys property with re-sale in mind and there were plenty of comparable examples in Brunswick. 

“The most important step in renovating a property is choosing the right one.”

Brunswick Renovator Finished

Brunswick Renovator Finished 1

Where is Brunswick

Below, Glen testimony:

Mark provided great advice, and saved me an enormous amount of time and research in finding properties that fit my criteria. Despite the fact that it has been a tough market for buyers, Mark was very patient, and we eventually closed the deal on a great property after the auction thanks to Mark’s negotiations. Mark is a very professional and knowledgeable Buyer’s Advocate and I couldn’t be more happy with his service. GLEN5 star buyers agent


Buying property is an exciting time and a buyer’s advocate may be just the right person to help clarify your options. For an obligation-free conversation contact Wist Realestate Advice on 1300 009 473 to find out how their services can assist your property needs.

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The most important step in renovating a property is choosing the right one. Read a case study on one of our Brunswick customers leveraged our buyers agents expirecne to purchase.