Moving to Melbourne

Considering moving to Melbourne?

So you’re about to move to one of the greatest cities in the world. Everything you’d want in terms of culture, dining, shopping, education, cosmetic procedures and bespoke cocktails is right here.

But with all of the perks of living in Melbourne come some downsides–such as the high cost of living and our insanely expensive and lets not forget our competitive real estate market.

Here’s how to think like a Melbournian and hit the ground running:

  • How convenient is the area when it comes to public transport? If you’re more than a 5- or 10-minute walk from the train station, there usually a bus nearby. Remember Melbourne has free trams around CBD or daily bike hire  available around town. Taxis around the central business district of Melbourne is easy as there are many taxi ranks around town. Getting taxis in the suburbs is a simple phone call away and a taxi will come to your location.
  • What are your food options? Take advantage of the city’s culinary scene, you’ll want to move into a place with a lot of great restaurants (check blogs like Urban Spoon to get a sense of hot foodie neighborhoods). But if you love to cook or want to save some cash on food, make sure there’s a supermarket somewhere nearby. Coles and Woolworths are specialty supermarkets abound in Melbourne whom also do home delivery.
  • Victorian drivers licence:  If you hold an overseas drivers licence and want to drive a vehicle in Victoria you will have to get in touch with VicRoads to issue you a temporary or full drivers licence before you can drive. Click here for more info.
  • What are the schools like? If you are moving here with kids that you plan on sending to public school, your real estate search will take on an additional layer of complexity. Our Real Estate buyer’s agents can help you target a property considering your kids schooling requirements. For more school info, go to the Department of Education’s web page enables you to search detailed profiles of Australian schools simply by entering a school’s name, suburb or postcode. From there you can find out statistics about your zoned school and more.
  • How safe is a neighborhood? You can always check the official Victoria Police website for crime statistics, but the best way to get a sense of how comfortable single women/kids/others feel in the neighborhood is to ask someone who lives there.
  •  Shipping your stuff over to Melbourne:  Taking the bare minimum and just spend an afternoon at IKEA is a great way to save allot of money. Otherwise importing furniture in shipping crates give Shiprite Intentional a call, they normally respond with a written quote within the hour.
  • How easy is it to find a parking spot? The answer is Melbourne City is probably not very. That is if you plan to have a car (which, again, you probably don’t need). If you decide to park your car in a car park, be sure to factor monthly fees peak and off peak rates, $400-$500 month is not unusual.


More questions? Click to Down Load a Moving to Melbourne-Relocation Guides!

Cost of living in Melbourne

To help you understand how much it might cost you (and your family) to live in Melbourne, check these price summaries from the Mercer Cost of Living Report  on the below links or visit the Live in Victoria official website for more info:

clothing and footweardomestic supplies, home services and utilitieseducation, food and groceries, personal care and cosmeticsrestaurants and leisure, transport.



This is a great government site for people that would like to apply for a citizenship or long term visa’s.

Buying a Home

  • Tax on buying property in Melbourne. Buyers pay a tax called stamp duty that is a sliding percentage of the property sale price. Visit the State Revenue Office of Victoria or download a PDF on Investing in Australia. To calculate the tax on a new property purchase check out this calculator click here.
  • Hiring a Real Estate Agent (Buyer’s Agent) to find you a house. Buyer’s agents specialise in searching out, locating and negotiating the purchase of property on behalf of a buyer. They exclusively represent the buyer saving them time and money. They also have expertise in choosing the correct legal representative to assist the purchase and suggest credible building inspectors to make sure the property is a safe purchase. For more information on using a buyers agent feel free to contact us for help on buying a house.
  • Cash is king. Due to strict financing requirements that have created a constant cloud of uncertainty over whether or not a mortgage will issued, the ability to offer all cash will put you at the front of the line when it comes to buying an apartment here.  Bonus: You don’t have to deal with the headaches of getting a mortgage.

Buying an Investment Property

  • Prior to purchasing foeign persons must notify the Federal Government and get prior approval to acquire an interest in residential Real Estate. An ‘interest’ includes buying Real Estate but can also include obtaining or agreeing to enter into a lease, or financing or profit sharing arrangements. For more information click here

On a lighter side, below are three things you must know before moving to Melbourne:

  1. SPORTS: Victorians are obsessed with AFL. You can’t even joke about it. They’re way too serious. It feels like 98 per cent of newspaper sports sections are given over to AFL. Every TV and radio channel is talking about it. Check out or visit major events website for the official site for Melbourne.
  2. Weather: Melbourne is famous for its unpredictable ‘for season in one day’ climate. It starts off cloudy then rainy hot then cold in one day. Some of the clichés are true, and one is that it’s only ever about 10 minutes away from raining in Melbourne. It also pays to take an umbrella. Keep this link saved in your favorites, it a live rain radar:
  3. There’s never nothing to do : At any given point in time you can pretty much guarantee that there will be a festival on in Melbourne. They range from music festivals to arts festivals to food festivals to spiritual festivals. There should be a “Festivals Festival” – a festival that celebrates all of Melbourne’s festivals. To check out what’s on in Melbroune visit: or Visit Victoria for more info.

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