Stressed out about bidding at auction?

Are you asking your self-questions like what is the true value of the home? What if it’s a lemon? Am I buying in the right area? When should I put my hand up to bid? Recent research suggests one in two Australians report experiencing anxiety ahead of attending an auction and 48% of people said they’d lost sleep over it.

Buyer's agents at auction

Seek Professional Advice:

In making any large purchasing decision you always consult a professional to protect your best interest.

Consider the example of buying shares. Would you never invest $20,000 into the stock market with out understanding what the market is doing? How the company is preforming? Is there any foreseen future volatility that can affect the stock positively or negatively? Most people would seek the assistance of a stock broker to avoid massive financial loss.

Buyer’s advocates are the stock brokers of real estate. Buyer’s agents are professional real estate agents for hire. The difference between them and the traditional agents are buyer’s agents only represent the buyer.

Benefits of using a buyer’s agent:

  • Local market knowledge, knowing where to buy to protect your investment.
  • Know what the market value of a property.
  • Professional negotiators.
  • Unemotional auction representation.
  • Contacts advice on 3rd party’s you need to support you in the sale (building and pest inspectors, conveyancers, loan brokers etc.)
  • Access to property’s that are not listed in the market place.
  • Get your weekends back buy saving you time and disappointment.
  • Reduce stress buy not having to worry about anything.

Watch a quick clip on how a buyer’s agent can help.

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